Friday, July 1, 2011


I found this fun link up and friday blog thing and I loved it. Its a way to post all those random cell phone pictures taken during the week. Since I recently got the iphone (yay) and found the amazing app instagram. It takes cell phone pictures to a whole other level.

Abby was missing her daddy while he was at work. He got home and she hugged with his knee and his shoe (one of her favorite things in the world).

We live near Clearwater, FL and were driving across the causeway in the rain. The water and sky was so beautiful that I had to take a picture.

Mara cuddling with me. Its hard to see her eyes but they are really cute.

This is an amazing  donut place near our house. After having their donuts I cannot eat at dunkin donuts ever again. The staff is so sweet and know us in there. 

Abby greatly enjoys "helping" me sew. She overseas the whole endeavor.

My really good friend Kaytlyn is spending some time with us. We call her my mini me. She is so great. I love her.

We are about to leave for our one year anniversary weekend. We are staying in Orlando, FL for the long weekend. One of the great things about  having our anniversary on a holiday weekend is that we get a long weekend for our anniversary. 


  1. Coming over from insta friday:) have so much fun in Orlando!! So jealous:)

  2. Happy {almost} anniversary! Hope you two have an amazing weekend. ;)

    And hi Kaytlyn!


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