Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bring the Rain - The Continuing Story

Its interesting, but right before we lost loss of Faith I wrote a post called Bring the Rain. It wasn't until we lost her that this song really became real to me. It was the song Isaiah and I clung to during everything. We sung it in church on Sunday and I wanted to post something on here about it. I didn't even realize that I had already written something about the song, but this one is the more personal side of it.

I still struggle with losing Faith. I don't think a day goes by that I don't think about what happened. But I know that God had a plan. Doesn't that sound almost trite? When you are going through something hard and someone tells you, "well honey, God had a plan." don't you just kind of want to punch them? Maybe I'm overly violent and a terrible Christian but its hard to hear.

Long ago I told God that my life was in His hands. I guess I did not realize what all that would mean. But through this I realized that sometimes it takes the storms in life to praise God.

Sometimes God send the rain into your life to bring you to Him. Its during the times in my life that have been terrible that I've grown so much closer to God. And God wants to use it to praise Him through your life. Also, it tends to be the storms in your life that strengthen your testimony. How many testimonies of God's goodness have you heard that come from easy parts of life? I'm sure its happened, but usually its the storms in life that we can use as testimonies to serve other people.

I want my life to be a testimony to other people, and a way to show God's love to people. Sometimes that means God brings the rain and that's ok. I want my life to be a praise God and sometimes that means that He brings the rain.

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  1. This is inspiring for me to read... I am reminded of the amazing peace that God is able to give... and the hope that we will be home with Him soon!


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