Friday, July 15, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

I stole this from Krystal, though I've seen it on multiple blogs and I thought it looked like fun, and a good way to relax so I thought I would try it.

I'm so excited to start. Today is ten secrets. This may be a little hard.

1. I still have my first doll. My grandmother gave her to me for my first Christmas. I called her Rock Rock (mostly because that was all I could say). I would sit in my little rocking chair and rock the doll for a long time and sing rock, rock, rock, rock. The name stuck and I still call her Rock Rock. She has always been special to me because I was very close to my grandmother and she died when I was young. Its one of the few things I have to remember her by. She sits on my nightstand still.
2. I hated sewing as a kid. (not exactly a surprise to quite a few people) I hated it with a passion. My mom and grandmother (not the Rock Rock one, my mom's mother) loved it and tried to get me to love it and failed. Everything I touched turned out terribly. I started doing it now and I love it.

3. Isaiah and I carry crutches in our trunk and ace bandages in our car. I am always spraining my ankle and having them has definitely come in handy a couple times.

4. I hate seeing animals hurt. I can't stand seeing pictures of people fishing, or hunting. I have nothing against either of those things. Isaiah loves to fish. I just can't stand seeing animals being hurt. And yes, I eat meat (I love it) but I can't think of the animal. I told Isaiah he can go hunt or fish, but I have to see it as it would come in the store. 

5. I don't like toast. For some reason, I just do not like toast at all. I am not a huge bread person, for some reason, toasting the bread makes it super nasty to me. 

6. I do not know how to French braid. Yeah, I know its stupid, but I know in my head how to do a French braid, but I can't actually do one. Its silly. I should learn that.

7. I couldn't do a cartwheel until I was a teenager. I was never able to do one until I took a basic gymnastics class and finally learned how to do one. I love doing them. They are so fun.

8.  I once took a conversion van down an atv trail, got it stuck between three trees, and they had to cut the trees down in order to get it out. Yeah, that's a story for another day. I still get a stress stomach ache thinking about it.

wow the secrets are getting shorter and shorter

9. I once had a little schoolroom/desk area in a laundry closet. My family lived in a tiny apartment, and there was no place to myself but there was a laundry closet that was about the size of tiny regular closet, but it was just the right size for my little desk, and a chair. I was sit in there with a lamp, and do my schoolwork (I was homeschooled) in the laundry closet.

10. I hate socks. I hate socks with a passion. In the winter I will do anything not to wear them, though they are slightly unavoidable in the winter. Sigh. I hate having my feet enclosed. I also don't really like tennis shoes and other shoes that totally closes in my foot.

That was not easy. whew. I hope you do the challenge with me. If you do, comment me a link. I would love to see what you wrote. 

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