Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Announcing the Arrival of Seth Jacob

So I know I promised to post more, but then something happened. I had a baby. And somehow blogging became a lower priority, after you know feeding baby, changing baby, sleeping, eating, showering etc. But today Seth is one month old and I am starting to get the hang of it. So again, I say I will work on blogging more about my life.

Seth Jacob arrive September 16 at 4:32 pm. He was 7 lb 2 oz and 20 inches long. After weeks of painful contractions and being told he would come anytime he decided to do things his own way (as he has done this entire time).

 I was told sooo many times my water wouldn't just break like you see in the movies. Well, of course that is what happened. At about 3:15 am I woke up from a deep sleep and realized my water had broken. I woke Isaiah up (I have to say I have never seen him wake up THAT quickly before). We went to the hospital where it was confirmed that my water had broken and the clock started ticking. The midwife said I needed to deliver in 24 hours or I would need a c-section. I was determined not to get one. Of course, when I needed to have contractions I couldn't get them to start.

I started walking and walking. Then I tried bouncing on a birth ball. I had some painful contractions, but nothing was really happening. Then I was started on pitocin to kick start the contractions and hopefully start me dilating. After several hours I was in serious pain and decided I wanted the epidural so I could relax some. Turns out I had only dilated to three cm. Once I got the epidural I was able to relax some, though I only dilated 1 cm in two hours. The midwife started talking seriously about a c-section if I didn't go anywhere soon. She said she would check me in a couple hours and we would talk more then, though she wasn't expecting me to go very far in those few hours.

So we waited. I started feeling quiet a bit of pain after about an hour, and we upped the epidural. About thirty minutes later (it was about an hour and half since the midwife had checked me) I told Isaiah he needed to get the nurse NOW.

I didn't know what was going on, but I could tell something had changed. Suddenly I wanted to push, and I felt strange. Isaiah got the nurse who checked me. She looked at me with this shocked look on her face (very disconcerting, I have to say) and said "Lets have a baby now." Turns out I had gone from 4 cm to 10 cm in an hour and a half. The midwife and nurse were completely shocked. The nurse rushed to get the midwife because the baby was coming quickly.

After 45 minutes of pushing, Seth was born.

The moment I saw him for the first time was amazing. I love thinking about it. They put him on my stomach and I just started crying. It had been such a rough road to get to that point. I have to say, it was all worth it.

He is a wonderful baby. He is so adorable, and pretty easy. I will post more about the first month later. Thank you for all the support through everything that happened.