Monday, June 27, 2011

Recipe: Mexican Pizza

I'm sorry its been so long since I've posted a recipe. I wanted to post one that I'm making for supper tonight. Its a recipe that I made as a child, and had forgotten about. My mom reminded me that she had it and tonight I made it. Its so easy, and so delicious!

Mexican Pizza 

boneless skinless chicken breasts (I use 1/2 breast per small pizza)
other seasonings to taste (I used taco seasoning, garlic powder and a random meat seasoning)
green peppers (optional)
onion (optional)
flour tortillas
shredded Mexican or cheddar cheese
shredded mozzarella cheese

Cut breasts in chunks, about 1-2 inches square. Liberally season with Adobo and other seasonings until well coated. Cook in skillet until white all the way through.

Chop up cilantro, onions and peppers. I didn't use onions and peppers since Isaiah doesn't like them, but if you do, enjoy. Add cilantro, onions and peppers to skillet with chicken until chicken is done, and vegetables are done.

Line baking trays with foil. Put tortillas on trays.Spread salsa on tortillas. Then spread chicken, cilantro, peppers and onions over that. Sprinkle both types of cheese over it all.

Cook at 350 degrees for 7 minutes until cheese and melted and tortillas are crispy.

I make basically one tortilla pizza per person, with a couple left over for leftovers. As you can see, its one of those recipes that is really open to making it as you want. Something I have thought about trying is adding jalapenos to the pizzas, but we are not spicy people so I haven't.

After you make it, let me know. I would love to hear how it turned out for you, and see pictures if possible. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fairyshadow Giveaway Winner

We have a winner! I love this shop, and the owner. She has been so sweet and so helpful to work with. The winner gets a $15 certificate to the shop, fairyshadow. Thank you Tania for hosting this giveaway.

So finally, the winner is comment 64. Jesselyn won with her comment:

"Follower via networked blogs, Jesselyn"

Congratulations to Jesselyn. Jesselyn, you have 48 hours to respond to my email or I will have to repick a winner, which would be super sad.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happenings in the Tamblingson Household

I know I haven't been posting much lately, but honestly life has been so crazy. But on this lazy Friday night while the husband is playing with a cat, and on his computer, I thought I would share some of my life.

So big news, you know how a while ago I said I wanted an iphone. Well Isaiah surprised me after he got off work and placed one in my hands. He figured it out (I still don't get how) that to get an iphone, and go on his plan (yeah we were still on separate plans) and get an iphone for me. So I'm super excited. I've had so much fun tonight playing around with it. I'm looking for good apps, so if you have a must have app, let me know.

But bigger thing is that we are moving in August to a bona fide house!!! I have been dreaming of this for a long time. You know how a lot of girls dream of their weddings all of their lives? Well I dreamed of my first house. We live in a one bedroom apartment. When we first got married I got so overwhelmed with trying to decorate it that I failed and just haven't redone it so its a total wreck. But now I get to start over and now I have a better idea of how not to ruin it and I can start afresh.

Its a total God thing how this happened. We had wanted to move to a house since we got married. We thought it was would work out. Then I was looking at our finances and realized there is no way we could afford it. I got really discouraged but then thought well we can move to a two bedroom apartment and that will work. Isaiah met with the leasing office and they told him that the prices of apartments. To stay in our apartment we are in now, the price would be raised drastically, and a two bedroom would be out of the question.

I had given it all to God and really was content with whatever. It was something I had really struggled with all year, especially when other women would come over and say my house was terrible looking and how could I live here. It was a real struggle for me. It was a real test in loving my husband and not getting frustrated over his mess, and not nagging. And a lesson in not caring so much what other people thought about things. As a woman, that is a hard lesson to learn.

Anyway, I had given it to God, though I really didn't want to stay here. We realized there was no way we could move, and even to stay where we were would be very difficult. Isaiah was going to have to ask for a raise, and it would be really, really rough. We figured all this out Monday. I was so upset, but I knew God was in control and had an unexplainable peace about it all.

Before all this my mom had reminded me that my grandmother had left a little money in a trust that I could get when I enter my junior year of college. She talked to the person in charge of the trust and called me Tuesday. Turns out the trust would cover some housing expenses. I was really excited. I talked to the person and we figured out that with the trust we could rent a house!

We so knew it was God working all this out. So Wednesday night, after Isaiah got out of school, we drove around our area. We only had one person we actually got in touch with, who owned this adorable little yellow house. They set up a time to meet us today. We looked at it today and it is so cute, and seems perfect for us for right now. We haven't made the final decision, but unless something else comes around that we can see God is really wanting more, this will be it.

Its one of those things that you can clearly see God working. I went from we may not even afford the place we are at, to now we can get an adorable sweet house. WOW

I am getting all kinds of fun decorating ideas. I will probably post them in the next few days. I can't wait to share them with you all.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Glorious Day

A while ago that false prophet told everyone that the rapture would happen on May 21. I felt so bad for the people that got ready for it, and sold all their belongings and all and thought it would happen that day. But it did make me think about that glorious day when we will see our Lord. What a day.

I love my life, and my husband. Every day I get to bask in the love my husband showers on me, but when I get to be in God's presence it will be so much better. I get to just bask in God's presence. I cannot wait for that. Ever had one of those awesome worship services where you just feel God and know He is there? It will like a continuous one, but way better. I cannot wait for that day.

But looking at all those people it did make me reevaluate my life and think about how am I getting ready for Him? Those people did everything to get ready. They got rid of material items, and were ready for when they though Christ would take them away. Now, I read about some of them like going to Disney World and maxing out their credit cards to get ready, and I'm not espousing that. But I am saying, that we should be ready for Him to take us. We never know when He will require us to come to Him and leave this world, and we should live every minute like its our last one.

Just thinking about being in the presence of my Savior really makes me excited, but then I think about how every day I live in His presence. He is here with me. He is with me every day and wants me to worship Him constantly. I don't have to wait for the rapture, or to die to feel Him and to live in His presence. I can have that every time I play some worship music and just stop what I'm doing worship. I can do it every time I'm working and just stop to pray and talk to God. I can do it when I do my quiet time right before bed and I read all about His greatness. I do not have to wait to worship and enjoy Him until I die or rapture, I can do it right here, right now. I want to live my life enjoying Him.

I have to say that I don't do a very good job of living my life in enjoyment and service to Him. Stuff just happens. It seems like at the end of the day I get to it and life just took over. Homework eats me alive, or housework or something and I realize that I did not spend enough of my time just focusing on my God. I am not saying you should become someone who neglects everything to just sit around worshiping God, because all the things you do can be part of your service to Him. I am saying that sometimes I need to stop and just worship Him. I need to stop housework and facebook and homework and everything else that distracts me and just focus on my Savior who loves me so much and yearns for time with me.

I want to spend more time thinking about my Savior and getting ready for that glorious day. But for now, I just want to serve and worship Him with everything that I am.

I wanted to post a song about this, and one that I love to just stop and worship God with. Its really a great song that just begs to have you stop everything you are doing and just worship our amazing God. Do you have a specific song that makes you just stop and worship? Do you do anything special to remind yourself of that day and our God? I am always looking for new ways to serve God and focus on Him, and if you have one I would really like to hear it!

Today, try to spend a few minutes just worshiping and thinking about that glorious day, and our amazing God.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Something I struggle with a lot is not feeling beautiful. I could list off all the ways that I think I'm ugly/fat/not good looking. Then I start thinking about all the ways that I wish I could change myself. I have to say I can remember doing this all my life. As a little girl I would think about all the ways that I would change myself. The worse thing is when I compare myself to other people. I look around at all the other women and start wishing that I had her nose, or her eyes, or her body.

I definitely can't say that I've conquered this problem. Every day I still look at myself and see something, or multiple somethings, that I don't like about myself. I will say that realizing that God made me this way and I need to see myself through His eyes would help. But honestly I have to admit that I don't. Having a husband who thinks that I'm beautiful. But seeing myself as beautiful just isn't happening.

We all struggle with this and I've noticed that women are the first to tear each other down and hurt each other. We like to put other women down and the way they look in order to feel better about ourselves. I have to admit that I have done this, and have had it done to me. I'm not perfect and in my mind I have definitely thought well at least I'm better looking than her, or even gossiped about other women. But its so wrong.

So if we all struggle with this, shouldn't we be encouraging each other? I have to say that when another woman gives me a compliment and says I am beautiful or compliments me on the way I look it makes me feel so much better.

Is it wrong to worry about how you look on the outside? Is that caring too much about my outward appearance? I know that God says in 1 Samuel 16:7 that God looks on the heart, and we should look for the inside man but I honestly look on my outward appearance and just don't like it.

I want to start trying to compliment other women on how they look and hopefully encourage them. I want to help other women feel so much better about how they look.

I want to post some videos about seeing yourself as beautiful, and knowing that you are beautiful. I really want to help women see that they way they are is beautiful and encourage them that they are special and beautiful in everything about them.

I know this post has been a little helter skelter but I hope someone, somewhere was touched by it. I really want some woman to know she is not alone and that she is beautiful. Because she is.

Does you struggle with this? Be honest. What is one way you have learned to help yourself or other women realize how beautiful they are?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Giveaway - Fairyshadow

This giveaway is now closed.

I'm really excited. I have another awesome giveaway. This time its from the shop fairyshadow. I love etsy, and I found this shop through etsy randomly. When I saw the items in the shop I fell in love immediately. I really wanted to introduce it to you so I contacted Tania (creator of the shop) and she was excited too. Something I've seen on other blogs that I wanted to start doing for my giveaways is interviewing the shop owner/creator so you (and me) can get to know them. I asked Tania questions and she sent me some information about her and her shop. Her life sounds really neat, I am sure you will think so too.

I have enjoyed looking at Etsy for years and from time to time considered setting up a shop but I did not have internet access that would allow for all the time required to work with internet sales. Our family decided to install a satellite and now we have high speed service so that block was no longer in place. But still I held back. Last year my 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer and went through surgery and chemotherapy. She has proved herself to be a courageous and strong young woman and is free of cancer. We are so proud of her. As pleased as we are with the work of her doctors and hospital we are still faced with the bills the insurance did not cover. I was motivated to find additional income and decided if my daughter could face the challenges of cancer I could very well get over my own insecurities about working online. 

My children inspire me to push passed my own fears. Yay for the blessings of children. The favorite thing in my shop is photo of my daughter wearing a blue flowered garland. It reflects the sparkle of her bright blue eye and the spirit that shines through it.

So what can I make without spending much while building inventory? I began sorting through the resources available and started making flowers with felt I had left over from my days as a production dollmaker. Then I turned to our closets and the abundance of t-shirt that overflowed the drawers and the upcycled cotton flower barrette was born. I now collect material and buttons from a local shop which benefits the senior center and sells donated craft supplies. Friends also pass on clothing they no longer need. I love the rich diversity of colors I have to choose from. It makes for truely unique pieces. In my shop you will find the results of my flower making mounted to a variety of hair accessories as well as some of the dolls I have made.

Our family raises sheep and cattle. I sometimes call myself the electric shepardess because we use a portable electric fencing system to protect the lambs from the coyote who find lamb especially delicious. This means that three or four times a week we must shift the fences to allow for fresh grazing for the mammas and babies.

You ask the one thing I couldn’t live without? I know its basic but I would hate to without running water. I can look down our valley when I wash dishes and see the old brick lined well about ¼ mile away. Whenever I feel crabby about the unrelenting chore of dishwashing I remind myself there are millions of women who must carry the water from the well before they can begin the unrelenting chore of washing dishes. Keep your 
blessings close to your heart. In my spare time I garden, knit, and paint. All these occupations sooth me.

Isn't the picture of the stuff she is making really neat? I haven't seen that before and I thought it was so pretty and so brilliant. Here's some more stuff from her shop:

Isn't it just the cutest stuff?

Tania is also looking for some wholesale opportunities. If you are interested (or know someone who would be interested) in this opportunity you can contact Tania through the shop.

So now for the giveaway. Tania has generously offered a $15 gift certificate to her shop to the winner of this giveaway. I am super jealous. There is so much from her shop that I want. But I'm giving it to you. 

The giveaway ends June 25Make sure your email is visible in your blogger profile, or in your comment. Also, make sure each entry is in a different comment to count.  This giveaway is only open to those in the United States (sorry those of you worldwide).

Mandatory Entry: 
1. Visit fairyshadow and tell me what your favorite item in the shop is, if you can pick just one. (this must be done for other entries to count)

Extra Entries:
because everyone loves extra entries!!
2. follow my blog publicly via GFC. 1 entry
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4. Vote for my blog "on the fence" (see below for link). 1 entry
5. Heart fairyshadow on etsy. 1 entry
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7. Blog/tweet/post on facebook. (post link) 1 entry per action
8. Post this giveaway on a giveaway site. (post link) 1 entry


Monday, June 13, 2011

Thinking About Who God Is

Yesterday during service I got super convicted about something. We were singing a song all about who God is and His attributes and it hit me. Lately, all I think about is myself. All I think about is how God can help me, and what is He doing to serve me. Wow, what a wrong way of thinking. God was not made to serve me, He created me to serve Him. I had things all kinds of mixed up. Lately all I an think about is myself and its so wrong. Instead of thinking about myself and how God can serve me, I need to be thinking about God and how I can live my life to serve Him. I wanted to spend some time thinking about who God is, and His attributes. I wanted to post some attributes for you to read. This list is not of my creation, though I did edit it some, but you can find it here.

God is Jehovah. This means "I am I AM"

God is Jehovah-M’Kaddesh. This name means “the God who sanctifies.”

God is infinite.

God is omnipotent. God has all power.

God is good.

God is love.

God is Jehovah-jireh. This name means “the God who provides.”

God is Jehovah-shalom. This name means “the God of peace.”

God is immutable. God cannot change.

God is transcendent.

God is just.

God is holy.

God is Jehovah-rophe. 

God is omniscient. God is all knowning.

God is omnipresent. God is everywhere.

God is merciful.

God is sovereign.

God is Jehovah-nissi. This name means “God our banner.” \

God is wise.

God is faithful. 

God is full of grace.

 God is our Comforter.

God is El-Shaddai. This name means “God Almighty.”

God is Adonai. This name means “Master” or “Lord.”

God is Elohim. This name means “Strength” or “Power.”

I wanted to post some songs about God and songs that have helped me think more about God, and not myself. They are all about God and who He is. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

2:30 am Ramblings

Its 2:30 am and I'm up. I'm not up because I have to be. I am not trying to accomplish something great or anything. I'm up because its been a very rough day and my mind just won't settle very well. Yes, I've tried reading my Bible. I tried laying in bed and listening to my husband (and cat) sleep. I tried all that. But it didn't work. I needed to relax, so I am doing the thing that really relaxes me, I'm blogging about my day.

You know a day is bad when you start it out with a nightmare about how everyone in your church is talking about you and mad at you because you have been missing so much. The dream was blown way out of proportion and was this long drawn out nightmare, but that was the gist of it. I have to say, I've been feeling guilty about the amount of church being missed and I guess it was just a dream because of that. I'm not sure why I'm feeling guilty. I don't have a real reason to. We have been missing a lot lately, but every time we missed has had a real, legitimate reason (such as grandmother being in the hospital, me having the stomach flu, me having a really bad other flu thing etc). To be totally honest, I am not guilty because I've done something bad by missing church, I'm worried about what people will think of me for missing church. I'm worried about what people in my church think of me. I know that God and I are ok with why I missed church but I worry that I'm being judged by people in the church for some reason. Isn't that ridiculous? 

Anway, that was the start of my day. I wake up to a dream about how everyone in my church is talking and mad that we are missing so much, and then feeling judged and all. Then my day goes from there. I realize we have no food in the house at all, and I'm still not feeling up to going out to get it yet (you should hear me, I sound like a cross between a frog and a cat whose tail is being pulled). Then I find out some bad news about this weekend. I won't go into what all it is, but lets say my weekend is not shaping up exactly as I had thought.

I sit down to do my homework and I realize that this assignment is due on anti-Semitism attacks and prejudice. For some maybe this would not have been bad, but for me it was really hard. I was reading all about these attacks on people and basically trying not to cry my head off as I'm writing this paper. How fun, not. 

Thankfully, bright spot in my day, I find out for sure that I get to see my mommy and little siblings this weekend. YAY I think we are going to a spring that we love to have a picnic. yay

Another thing that was happened was all tide up in our housing situation. We live in a tiny one bedroom apartment and I've been looking forward to moving basically since we moved in. Its really crowded and yeah no fun. There are many reasons as to why I can't wait to move, but that's one. A big one is that we think something is wrong with the AC and its making us sick a lot, which is why we've been sick so much this year, and especially lately. So we were planning on moving out into a house in August. We have been having a very hard time finding any kind of house to move to, and then today we looked at things and it looks like we may not be able to move after all with money and all unless we can somehow find a house in our price range. So sigh. I'm trying to give it to God, and work on being content but its a hard blow

I did finally get my sewing machine cranked up and started on that skirt I've wanted to work on since I got the machine in February. Honestly I've been scared. I've never sewn anything on my own, and what I sewed before (with lots of help from my mother) was a dismal failure. Well, tonight I wanted something to concentrate on that would take my mind off life. I was working hard on it, and got it all done except putting in the elastic. Then I couldn't get any elastic. The store was out and nothing else was open. I know it sounds silly, but I was so close to being done, and it felt like the last straw.

There have been a few other things, but I would say that is a lot of it. Some other things are weighing heavily, but thats a lot of it. I know, to a sane person who is not rambling at, well now its 2:45, I am probably making no sense and it seems like no big deal, but today its all kind of piled together until it all seems like a big deal. So as my husband sleeps peacefully, I will finish this up. I know that God has all my problems already handled and figured out, but to me, right now, they seem pretty rough. So here's praying that I can give it all to Him, and have some peace. Oh, and finally go to sleep.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Body, and How I Feel About It

Back in January I said that one of my new years resolutions was lose weight and so far this year I've just gained a ton of weight. I weigh so much and I hate it. So I'm finally doing something about it. I've started working out everyday and working on portion control. I was eating a ton every time I ate but right now I'm working on eating a lot less. I want to not worry as much about a number as looking better and fitting into smaller clothes. Around my wedding last year I looked good and I want to get back to that. So that is my goal, and so far I have been doing pretty good. Right after I started working out I got really sick (like high fever all day and miserable kind of sick) so I didn't work out, but I did still work on what I ate, and now that I feel better and am going to get back to working out.

But you know how I also said in January that I wanted to love my body, because God made it and honestly hating how I look is bad, but I can't say I am there. I will love my body more when I lose weight, but I want to love my body the way I am, and just want to lose weight because I want to be healthier and feel better. I really want to get to the place that I don't hate how I look because God made me the way I am. I am not naturally skinny, I'm not blonde, I'm not blue eyed, I'm not small chested and I'm not tall (all things I have wanted). But God made me beautiful in my own way. I know this, somewhere. But I have always (since I was a little, little girl) hated the way I look. I wanted so many different things to change, and I've never worked through that fully.

Thankfully I have a husband who constantly is reminding me that I am beautiful in the way I am right now. He is amazing in supporting me in everything, and trying to help me see that I am beautiful the way I am. I am so thankful for His support.

I have to admit, this has not been an easy post to write. No one wants to tell everyone what they don't like about themselves, but I hope that someone else can appreciate the honesty and get something out of it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fighting For Relationships

I heard something that really impacted me and made me think about relationships. It reminded me that just because you are in a right relationship doesn't mean things won't be hard, or that your relationship won't ever be rocky, but its a good relationship because you value that relationship so much you are willing to fight for it.

Before I got married, honestly I thought I would somehow never have a rough time in my marriage. I thought somehow things would be perfect between Isaiah and I forever. I knew some things would happen outside our relationship but I never thought about having to fight for our relationship. But I do. I've learned that when you really value your relationship you want to fight to make it work.

I look at my relationship with Isaiah and realize that when I vowed to be Isaiah's wife for the rest of my life it means that I vowed to fight for my relationship with my husband. I vowed that with the rest of my life I would work hard to make my relationship with my husband be the best, even when things aren't the best.

I was thinking more about fighting for your relationships and I thought about my other relationships. I thought about my various friendships and realized that there are some friendships that I am willing to fight for, and some honestly that I'm tired of fighting for. And I've been wondering, when do you stop fighting for a friendship and hang up your gloves and walk away? Do you always fight for a relationship, or do certain relationships come to an end and you have to stop fighting? When do you pick your battles and let some relationships go?

Finally, (I know I'm kind of everywhere with this post) I was thinking about how God fights for us. He fought so much for us that He died on a cross. He didn't want to let our relationship with Him go down without a major fight. And everyday He fights for us and our relationship with Him. Isn't it great that the God of the universe fights for us?

So I think about all my relationships, with Isaiah, with my friends and with God, and I think about how much I am willing to fight for them. I really should be more willing to fight for my relationships. I should fight more for my relationships. My relationships are worth fighting for, especially my relationship with God and with Isaiah.

I hope that this post made sense. It was kind of all over the place, but it was something I was thinking about and wanted to share.

Friday, June 3, 2011

1st Anniversary Help Needed

Today is officially 11 months of being married. I can't wait for our one year anniversary. Its been a wonderful almost year together. I can't wait for our anniversary, but I have a dilemma. Isaiah and I were just talking abut how we have no idea what to get for each other. Evidently Isaiah has been discussing with some people at his work (including his bosses wife) what to get me, and we are both pretty stumped.

I told him, I didn't need anything, and I'm happy with just spending time together. But alas he won't go for it.

I will have to say that I did suggest My Wishlist (which I updated some, so check it out) , but something tells me he won't be going for it. He says that most of the stuff is not "anniversary" enough.

But now I need your help, reader. I cannot figure out what to get Isaiah, and since he doesn't read my blog I am safe to talk about it here. Do you have any suggestions on what to get him, or what to do for him for our anniversary?

Also, do you  have any anniversary memories? Or if you aren't in a relationship, what do you dream about for an anniversary?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Splash Blog Party

I don't usually participate in blog parties and link up with other people's stuff, but this one sounded really fun so I thought I would participate. This blog party is being hosted by From Under My Little Umbrella and Virtuous Girlhood. To be a part of this party you answer certain questions and then link up to From Under My Little Umbrella. One of the neat things about this blog party is there are even prizes. YAY.

Here are the questions/my answers:

What are two songs that describe you? "God Bless the Broken Road" is the song that really describes my life and my relationship with Isaiah. God took a very broken road of my life and it led me to him, who is my prince charming. The other song would have to be "In Christ Alone". This beautiful song talks about Christ being what you stand on, and how He has overcome sin. It talks about so much more, but I don't want to spend an entire post on this song. Maybe someday I will write a post about it. 

What do you most fear? I would say I fear the unplanned. I know it sounds silly, but I love plans, and I fear what I can't plan and what I am not expecting most. I don't like not knowing whats coming or having things happen that are unplanned. I know, things happen all the time that are unplanned but I don't like it, and I fear the unplanned in life a lot. 

What color(s) dominate(s) your wardrobe? Does black, denim and gray (or is it grey? I can never figure it out) count? No? Ok well then I would have to say blues, greens and purples. I honestly wear mostly neutrals.

How do you normally do you hair? When I'm out, in a big loopy bun thing with some kind of flower/bow/hearband in my hair. I almost always am wearing something fun. When I'm around the house, its mostly down or in a braid like when I'm working out. I will say that my husband likes me to wear my hair down or in a looser bun with a sideswept part/over my face thingy happening. 

Do you prefer milkshakes or smoothies? I love smoothies, especially tofu smoothies. I sometimes crave milkshakes, but its rare for me to really like them. I really like smoothies. My husband makes the bomb diggitiest smoothies on the face of this earth! 

Do you like the color pink? I used to hate it, with a passion. Now I don't have as huge of a hatred, but its not my go to color. I have one pink shirt, and that's all I have that is pink. I also don't like it in my house (not that my husband is sad about that). 

What is your favorite flower? I love hydrangeas. They are my favorite by far. In my wedding I based the entire wedding on hydrangeas. It was the theme (along with chocolate). I also had white roses as accents, and I love them too

How many states have you been to? Oh my, 19 plus Washington D.C., so would that be 20 or 19?

What is your favorite thing about June? Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of June. Its the month that separates my birthday and my anniversary. Any month without presents is not a good month. Just kidding, but honestly its not a huge favorite. Its nice that its when the summer showers start here in Florida. In Florida, almost every day in the summers we have a storm in the afternoon. Its funny because today is the first day of June and right now we are having the first summer afternoon shower. 


Describe your "dream wedding location." I already had it! We got married in an adorable church, and the best part was that it was blue (Isaiah's and mine favorite color). 

I hope you join in on the blog party. You don't have to have a blog to join in. They let you email, twitter or facebook your answers, and the prizes are beyond amazing. It really is fun (and a great way to procrastinate from homework).