Friday, July 8, 2011


So I am going to do a post about my anniversary weekend (I really am, I promise) so I won't post pictures from our anniversary weekend. I'll post other fun pictures from my week.

We got home late on July 4, and I had a ton of homework so we didn't go watch fireworks. My husband, however, loves fireworks so he broke out part (yes part) of his stash and we did some on the porch of our apartment. Ok it was mostly fireworks but it was fun.

Abby is a pyromaniac.

Wow, not the best shot of me. But the sparklers were really neat looking!

Isn't my husband good looking? sigh... ok but being serious, again neat sparklers

This is Mara's "Who me?"

Abby (one on top) had her paw around Mara and they were cuddling. 

I look old.... haha I love fun apps.

She was sleeping and looked oh so cuddly.

As you can see, I love my cats. And honestly, besides school nothing much has happened. I hurt my knee so I've been laid up on the couch most of the week. So you get a week of my darling baby girls.  But oh they are cute. 

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  1. Great sparkler pics! I remembered on the 4th we didn't even buy any and didn't have any time left to get them. Next year!

  2. Great pics! Is that old booth? Nice :). I have fat booth and bald booth. Makes for a pretty good combination, hehe.


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