Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doctors Visit

So I went to the doctor. I joked with the nurse that I should get a frequent visitor card like a frequent flyer vard. Its ridiculous. But anyway, I went to the doctor. It was all kinds of fun.

So I talked to the doctor. She is concerned that the vomiting is something wrong with my stomach, such as ulcers or something like that. She put me on a new medicine to try out for a week. Next Monday we are going to see how I'm doing. If the medicine isn't working for my stomach than she will probably send me to a gastrointestinal specialist.

Thankfully the pain is doing a lot better, and the doctor said its looking more like I may not have to have that second surgery. We are really praying that is the case.

Thank you for the prayers.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Post-Surgery Update

I want to start this post out by saying how much both Isaiah and I appreciate all the love and support we have gotten through this very rough time in our lives. So many people have come up beside us and prayed and loved on us through everything. We really can't thank you enough. Your love and support have really encouraged us. 

I cannot believe that one month ago I thought I was pregnant. One month ago I was so happy. One month ago my life was completely different. I feel like I have lived an entire lifetime in one month. I have gone from one of the highest, happiest times of my life, to one of the lowest and scariest times of my life in a few short weeks. I feel like I have felt every emotion known to man.

I wish I could say that through everything, and all the emotions all I have felt towards God is thankful and worshipful, but I honestly have struggled with all that also. I have had days where I am just in awe of Him, and praise Him for whatever He is doing in my life, and other days where I am just frustrated and almost angry at Him for not only taking my baby away, but also allowing me to go through all this with my health. I know its not the good Christian thing to say, but its the honest Christian thing to say. I have struggled with understanding, though I have come to realize that many of the great people in the Bible struggled with many of the same emotions, and yet God holds them up to us as examples. 

I keep thinking of Jacob. Like Jacob I am wrestling with God. I am wrestling with Him and not understanding Him. But when you read the story of Jacob and the wrestling, when he wrestled with God is when He got closer with God and God became an intimate part of His life. I can say that through all my wrestling, that I have drawn closer to God, and allowed Him to be more of a part in my life. I don't understand why He is allowing this, but I know that He has never left my side. I feel like I'm caught up in this hurricane (I"m from Florida so I understand hurricanes) of crazy emotions, bad news about my health, and physical ailments and all I can cling to is God.

I will admit I have been somewhat discouraged this week. It feels like we are never getting good news through everything. It feels almost like every time there is "well worst case is ...." its always the worst case. I have to admit I've cried to Isaiah, texted my sister in law in tears, and called my mom just needing some encouragement. My family has been such a help in helping me to stay strong when I need it. God gives them all just the words to say, when I need to hear them. 

Physically I am still struggling. My body is just physically worn out. Its not like I'm sleepy tired, its just feeling like my body is physically exhausted of all its been through. I am not able to do much at all.  I am still constantly throwing up, and nauseas. We think its honeslty worse than before the surgery. The good news is that I'm losing weight, but not in a healthy way. I'm barely eating, and most of the time when I do eat I throw it back up. The doctor is not sure why I am still so sick, and said that should be happening.

The doctor is also saying that there is a very big chance I will have to have a second surgery to remove my ovary. This second surgery will be much more intense than the first one was. We won't know for sure until at least after my first doctors visit (which is in a week) maybe not for a few weeks after that. 

Thankfully the very intense pain is mostly gone. I only have pain when I lay in a certain position or stay in one position too long. That has been one good sign.

So please keep praying for me and Isaiah. All this has been rough on him also. We are still facing a lot of uncertainty about what will happen next, and even what is still happening to my body. It doesn't seem to be over, but I know that God is my Healer. I am claiming that and believing it. I know that He can choose to miraculously heal me, or heal me through doctors. I also believe in James 5:16 "...pray for one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much." 

Thank you for all your prayer, love and support. Isaiah and I greatly appreciate it. 

Babypalooza Giveaway Winners

I'm sorry to everyone for not posting the winners. With everything that has happened since I started the giveaways its just been hard to face posting this. But you all deserve a winner. So here I am, announcing the winner to both giveaways!!

The winners were picked using random.org.

The winner of Giveaway #1 with Amanda Simpkins is:
Angie Alford

The winner of Giveaway #2 with designs by maya is:

Congratulations to the winners! I will be emailing you today. Please respond within 48 hours or I will have to pick a different winner. I hope you love your prizes!!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Update After Surgery

Hello my dear readers. I wanted to update you all on how my surgery went, and what is going on from here. I first want to say I really appreciate all the prayers and support that have come from those of you on facebook, on the blog, and others. I have not been able to personally thank every one that has been praying, and probably am not even aware of everyone that has been lifting me up in prayer. The amount of support and care I have had through this rough time has been truly amazing to Isaiah and I. We covet your prayers and thank you for everything.

Also, in describing the surgery I will use some female medical terms, and if that makes you uncomfortable please stop reading now. I don't want to make anyone upset. 

So surgery yesterday. Everything went pretty well. Once the doctor actually got in and started the surgery, the situation was a lot worse than originally expected. It turned out that my fallopian tube and my ovary had completely melded together, and then had melded to the side wall of my body. There was also a mass behind my uterus, which was removed. The doctor realized that the fallopian tube was already completely destroyed, much more than originally thought, and had to completely remove. She is a little concerned that the ovary may also have to be removed, but we won't know for another month or so. Also, the mass she found was sent for a biopsy, but she is not worried about it and thinks it is from the miscarriage.

The good news is that I am doing pretty good. I am alert (as you can see from the fact that I am posting). I am very dizzy and in a ton of pain, which makes walking difficult. Other than that I am doing pretty good. Today is supposed to the worst day, and so far not too bad. We will see as the day goes on. Thank you so much for all your prayers. I know they have helped.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Update on Me, and What I'm Learning about God

Hello dear readers. Wow how fast life can change in one month. It was less than a month ago that I announced I was pregnant. I look back over this month and feel kind of like its been a lifetime in one short month. Anyway, one month ago I announced I was pregnant ( a little less but you get the picture). Then I found out that I wasn't pregnant, and something was wrong with me, and they had no clue what it was. Then I found out that I miscarried and got a very bad infection.

Because of the infection I started an intense round of antibiotics, which the doctor hoped would basically take care of the infection and that would be the end of it. The doctor did say that if the antibiotics didn't work that I would have to have surgery. So I rested, took my antibiotics and hoped and prayed to get better.

Well, I didn't. I found out that the antibiotics did not work, and surgery is the next option. The doctor considered it serious enough that I have to have surgery tomorrow, as in Wednesday, as in yeah wow.

Right now I am just reeling. The only surgery I have ever had is my wisdom teeth taken out. I am struggling with feeling really scared, and confused honestly. I know that Christians go through hard times, at least I said I know that. But when this all happened to me, its like somehow my heart didn't know it. I struggled so much with why would God not only make me miscarry, again, but then make me sick to the point of having to have surgery.

Honestly for over a week I was just numb. I didn't feel anything for a while. I kind of just lived. My husband kept saying that something would just trigger all the emotions, and then I could finally start working through things. And of course that is what happened (wow he is so smart).

I saw something and all of a sudden, I felt, well everything at once. Honestly the pain was so intense that I just didn't know what to do. I started to feel, and it was not pleasant. I swung between just sad about the loss of my baby, being angry with God for doing this, wondering if being a Christian was even worth it, and just confusion as to why all this was happening.

 I have to say writing this is not easy. I hate admitting my failings, especially in this way. I hate admitting to you that I questioned even something so basic to me as my faith in God. I also worry that someone will take it and just roll their eyes and think I am being over-dramatic. Well, that is how I felt, and I promised you all I would be completely honest with you, my dear readers. So there is me, being honest.

Anyway, I was feeling completely, well emotional. I just wasn't sure how to handle all my emotions, and everything that was going. Then two things happened that really helped me and helped me have a peace from God about the whole situation. First the song Stronger by Mandisa came on the radio. It really helped me to see that this is God making me stronger, and God is in control.

Then a dear friend sent me an encouraging note that really helped. She sent me the verses Psalms 16:8-9, which of course, was exactly what I needed to hear.

"I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope."

These verses really helped me to see that God is with me, I don't need to worry, be scared. I will be ok. He is in control. Then I was doing some reading on my own and came across Psalms 121, 

"I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore."

These verses really spoke to me about my God, the Creator of the world, the Lord of the universe, who is watching over me, and already knows what the outcome of all this is. He hasn't thrown me, and those I love, in this situation just to torture us; He put us in the situation out of love 

So tomorrow I go into surgery. I have to admit I still have some trepidation and am a little scared. But I know that my God is in control. I know that He already knows the outcome of my surgery, and this situation and He will hold me through it all.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Is Going On

I know I never sent you all an update, and I'm so sorry. Since I went to the doctor life has been crazy! So anyway, after multiple tests and several hours spent at the doctor's office, I was diagnosed with an infected tube. I evidently had a miscarriage and not everything passed and it got infected.

I was put on antibiotics, and we really hoping they work. I go back to the doctor later this week to find out if they worked. If they don't, I will probably have to have surgery. We are really praying that the antibiotics work.

We are thankful that it was nothing more serious, and that it will be resolved. We are thankful, that hopefully, it can be easily resolved. It could have been much worse.

Please keep praying that the antibiotics work and that this is a simple solution. Thank you for all your support and prayers. We really appreciate it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Update on Us

Wow what a week it has been. It has been a very emotional week that has included many tears and many hard days. Isaiah and I have had so much support and so many people praying. It has meant so much to both of us.

For those of you that don't follow me on facebook, I'll try to fill you in a little more. Last Tuesday I went to the doctor for a routine visit. They did a pregnancy test and it was positive. Everything seemed fine. But then the test changed and went negative. The nurse/midwife was puzzled and sent me for some blood work to check my hormone levels. The results came back negative for pregnancy, and when she called me she said the levels show that something is wrong. She said that from the test results it looks like something is seriously wrong. 

She threw some different things around, but basically nothing is for sure. The doctor thinks that it is something serious, and I have to go back in today for more tests and doctors visits. 

Its been a very long week, and we would appreciate prayers right now. We don't know whats going on, but we are just praying that its something simple and easily fixed, and everything will be ok. 

I know that God is in control, and that He has a plan. I'm trying to know that He will watch over us. Its been rough. God has definitely held our hand through this time, and I know He will continue to.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Word from Katie's Husband

Hi, this is Isaiah, Katie's husband with a few words on behalf of Katie.

This past Tuesday Katie went to the doctor's for a preliminary visit. They gave Katie a pregnancy test that started out positive and then faded back to negative. They then ran a pregnancy blood panel on her which came back negative on Wednesday. The doctor's office expressed a lot of concern over this because her body is still reacting like it is still pregnant and the hormone levels her body is displaying is very abnormal. They wanted her to come in as soon as possible for more tests so we are going back to the doctor's office Monday. We don't know what is going on, but from what we are hearing this is very serious.

Katie is upset about all of this and is very overwhelmed by everything which is why I am writing this now. Please keep us in your prayers because we have no clue what is wrong. Thank you for all the prayers. God Bless.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Babypalooza Giveaway #2 Design By Maya

This giveaway is now closed.

Here is the second giveaway. I am so excited about this giveaway as well. I found this shop while looking for nursery ideas/art. I found the prints so cute,and sweet. I fell in love with everything.I really wanted to share this with all of you, my dear readers. I asked Maya if she would be interested in having a giveaway on my blog and she agreed.

Something she told me about her prints is that she uses only the best ingredients in making her art. The paper is not just typical card stock, but instead high quality paper.The colors she uses are also high quality. And you can see it in her art. They are so beautiful! She also matches art to the nursery bedding!

Maya has offered to give one of her beautiful 8x10 prints to one of you, my dear readers. YAY I am jealous (as I usually am with giveaways) because I am in love with her sweet art.

The giveaway ends January 21. Please make sure your email is visible in your comment or blog. Also. make sure to post each entry as a separate comment to count as different entries. This giveaway is open to those in the United States (I'm sorry to those of who are international). The winner must pay for shipping for their prize.

Mandatory Entry: 1. Give one thing you wish you knew before you were pregnant, or one story you know of your pregnancy, or someone else. 1 entry

Extra Entries: 

2. Follow my blog publicly on GCF. 1 entry 
3. Heart Design By Maya1 entry
4. Buy something from Design By Maya. 3 entry
5. Blog/tweet/faceboo/post to giveaway site (or somehow get the word out) and post link for verification. 1 entry per post
6. Vote for my blog on the fence (see side bar). This can be done daily. 1 entry per day per vote

Babypalooza Giveaway #1 Amanda Simpkins

So my dear readers, because of my wonderful blessing from God of my pregnancy I wanted to give back and get you all excited about something. While I can't give you all a baby (not sure if all of you would want that anyway hehe) I can do not one but two giveaways. I'm calling it babypalooza. They are baby themed, but definitely not just for mamas (or daddys) because these giveaways are great for everyone!

I'm so excited to introduce you to this first shop. I found her shop and I instantly fell in love with all her products. Then I started talking to Amanda, and wow I just absolutely love her already. It was one of those times when you just know she is a kindred spirit as Anne Shirley would say. Her sweet personality and obvious love of God was neat. I could tell that God was so important to her and just Everything in her life, which you know is something dear to my heart. 

Her shop is so special because she is using to money to fund her adoption (you will hear more from her later) but I thought that was so sweet. Adoption is so special to me, and I was so excited to feature her shop. I don't normally do this, but Amanda is so special and her shop is so special that I really want to encourage you, my dear readers, to help support her adoption and buy something from her shop. 

Her shop features bandanna dresses for girls, and art that is personalized. I love her art. She writes whatever you want, and uses the colors you want. Its such a neat idea. I am looking forward to ordering from her when I set up my nursery for the baby.

I wanted to help you, my dear readers, to get to know Amanda a little better so I asked her some questions and asked her to give you all some information about her life. I know you will love her too.

"I started my shop for one simple reason: to fund our adoption from Ethiopia. When my husband and I decided that we would for sure pursue adoption, I immediately went into money mode. I am a teacher, and he is a self employeed landscaper. We do fine, and we are content with what God has blessed us with; however, to try and come up with an extra $30,000 and still raise our 4 biological children was going to be a challenge. We are taking it in small increments, and we pray specifically for a certain amount. When we get that goal met, we move on to the next amount. I decided to begin painting these canvases just to see if they would sell. Any little bit helps. All of the money, every bit, will go straight towards our adoption expenses and help literally save the life of an infant boy somewhere in Ethiopia. 

We are using America World Adoption agency. We are in the very beginning stages, and we mailed off our paper application and first fee on Tuesday, December 27. We sat down Christmas night and completed the paperwork. We are requesting to adopt an infant boy ages newborn - 14 months. We have 4 biological children of our own. The two oldest are boys, and the two youngest are girls. Our new son will be our 5th child! WOW! I know...I would have never thought I would have 5 children!! :) My husband and I have been married 12 years. God is so good, he has been so good to us, and we want to extend that love to a child who needs it. I wish we could bring them all home with us! We wil llikely bring home a 7-10 month old boy...who will weigh about 10-12 pounds! That alone breaks my heart. Our youngest daughter is almost 11 months, and she weighs 24 pounds!

In my shop, one would find cute little handpainted name canvases for homes, little girls' rooms, hairbow holders, etc. I am expanding anytime something pops into my mind that I can make and make well. :) I have whipped out my sewing machine, giving myself a few refresher courses, and I am working on adding little girl bandana dresses in the mix. As soon as we get our adoption tshirts printed and ready to go, those, too, will be added in the store! I am excited to see those come! I try really hard to make each piece something I would want to have in my house. My favorites are probably the "Wash your hands. Use soap. love mom" sign and the initial letter canvas made with buttons. :)

In my free time, I love to read. I read all the time! (well, as much as one can with a full time job and 4 kiddos)

Who inspires me? Honestly, I am inspired by Jesus. The love he was able to show everyone amazes me. He willingly tolerated and endured so much. The strength, love, patience, kindness, understanding, etc that he displayed, and still does, is remarkable.

Excluding my family and my Bible, it sounds silly, but the one thing I couldnt live without is the sun. I love sunshine! I could never live in the Alaska or the state of Washington where there isn't much sunshine. We may even move to Florida, the Sunshine state, one day..who knows!

One random thing about me...hhmmmm, I am terrified of the dentist and snakes! Not that they have anything in common.:-)

I am excited to be a part of this announcement. Babies are wonderful in every way! Please pray for both Katie and I as we embark on the journey of motherhood, just in different ways! :) -Amanda"

Amanda has offered to the winner one 8x10 wrapped canvas in whatever colors and wording the winner wants. How exciting is that? I plan to order one with the baby's name and whatever colors the nursery ends up being when the baby is born, but one of you gets it for free!

The giveaway ends January 21. Please make sure your email is visible in your comment or blog. Also. make sure to post each entry as a separate comment to count as different entries. This giveaway is open to those in the United States (I'm sorry to those of who are international).

Mandatory Entry: 1. Tell me what wording and colors you would have on your sign, if you won. 1 entry

Extra Entries: 

2. Follow my blog publicly on GCF. 1 entry 
3. Follow Amanda's blog, The Family That God Built 1 entry
4. Heart Amanda's shop 1 entry
5. Buy something from Amanda's shop. 3 entry
6. Blog/tweet/faceboo/post to giveaway site (or somehow get the word out) and post link for verification. 1 entry per post
7. Vote for my blog on the fence (see side bar). This can be done daily. 1 entry per day per vote

My New Adventure

It has officially been a year that I have had this blog. This blog has seen me through some very low points this year, (2 miscarriages etc) and some high points (graduating, starting USF etc). So many people are using this time at the start of the year to look forward, and backwards at what last year held, and what we can look forward to this year.

So much has happened last year, and this upcoming year holds a lot of changes for us. This summer we are moving back to North Florida. We will be closer to our families, which will be nice, and Isaiah will be starting a new job. Isaiah graduates in May. But probably the biggest change in our lives this year will be a new addition to our family.

Yes, we are expecting a BABY!!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited? But yes, we are expecting in July. I have to say, its been hard keeping it a secret from you, my dear readers. But I can finally spill the beans, and spill I am. Right now I am 10 weeks, and starting to show!

We actually bought our first baby thing the other week. We found an adorable consignment shop near us, and they had the sweetest little rocking horse. We got it. I know its not one of those necessities, but it helped it all hit for me.

Its all starting to sink in. We are looking at nursery ideas, and name ideas. I am super sick well all the time. I am looking forward to moving past that! The sickness would be part of the reason I haven't posted much lately. I honestly haven't felt up to it.

I would ask that you all please be praying for us. Because of our previous miscarriages, its a little scary. I'm working on giving all my cares to God and letting Him handle them, but its been stressful.

Because I'm so excited I wanted to do something historical (well historical for Kady Did). I am doing not one, but two baby themed giveaways (but these giveaways are great for not just mothers etc, but everyone!).I'm calling it Babypalooza. I am so excited. These women helping me announce my pregnancy are awesome, and have some great stuff to offer.

Now I promise that my blog will still feature things God is teaching, and random stuff about my life. It probably will focus on baby T some, but I don't want it to just become a mommy blog. So here is working on making it relevant to others, and God focused!

God has blessed our family in a huge way and we are so excited! Dear readers, come join me in my new adventure!