Friday, July 15, 2011


Its Friday again. YAY Since its finals day, and I'm doing another post, I will not be doing the 10 day challenge post, but I will start it back tomorrow. But I did want to do a Insta-Friday because they are fun. Ok, yet again (and I think basically all the time, most of pictures are of my adorable cats).

I tried my first cake pop this week. I keep finding yummy recipes, but I wanted to try one. I got a tiramisu cake pop from Starbucks after a date. 

And here is after biting into it. It was mind blowingly delicious.

Ok so I didn't take this picture, but its my new background and I love it. 

Please ignore the clothes in the background. Its Abby all curled up with Isaiah.

Isaiah was petting Abby and then put her in the clothes basket. 20 minutes later she was still in there. 

Sunrise on the causeway. Its so pretty.

Mara and Abby cuddling

So yes, I adore my cats. And with it being the last week of school nothing much exciting has happened in this week. I am hoping that this coming week has more exciting things in it to post.

life rearranged

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