Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pen Pals

All my life I've wanted to have a real pen pal. I've had a few people who I've actually mailed letters to, but not a real pen pal. It was girls who I would see sometimes. I don't think it counts. But I've always wanted to have a real pen pal, like someone I've never met and could talk to. But I never could figure out how to. But guess what? I have found a way, and I wanted to share it.

A blog I follow, Fit, Fierce and Fabulous, is hosting a pen pal contact. She is taking emails with people and will set you up with a pen pal. This pen pal will be through real mail, not e-mail. I know, who real mails anymore? But that is exciting to me. I really like old-fashioned letters. When I had ish pen pals before I was terrible about replying, but I'm hoping to be better now.

Are you interested in getting a pen pal? Go to Pen Pals and follow directions. Basically you send her email with some basic information, such as your email, real address and some facts about you.

Her blog is really interesting. She does a lot of giveaways, and talk about her life in a long distance relationship. She loves food (we have that in common!). Its fun to read.

I hope you check it out, and sign up. The more people who sign up, the better you will get matched with someone you are similar to.

Have you had a pen pal? Someone you talked to through real mail that you never met? I would love to hear your story.


  1. How fun! :) I love penpals... not sure I have time but this sounds neat!

  2. aww my dear KT thanks so much for your sweet message and a whole dedicated POSt might I add?! Yes of course we LOVE food together ;) nom nom! Thanks for linking up as well and posting this for friends to read! Can't wait to match you up to a new friend! ps LOVE your blog as well

  3. I had pen pals when I was a kid--we got them through school, which is such a fun way to teach kids about other countries. I'm actually in touch with a few of them on Facebook now, believe it or not!

  4. Kady, I had heaps of penpals when I was a teen - and it was so much fun. Learning about the world and how other teenager in 'foreign' countries lived their lives.

    I'm still in very regular contact with one of them - Nic. We've been 'pals' now since we were 12 (nearly 28 years). We catch up on the same continent when we can. We phone when we can and we email. We don't actually write any more, but we do send one another a handmade Christmas card each year.

    And reading your post, I think I may well break out pen and paper and surprise her!
    Have fun with your new 'pal' too!!


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