Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fighting For Relationships

I heard something that really impacted me and made me think about relationships. It reminded me that just because you are in a right relationship doesn't mean things won't be hard, or that your relationship won't ever be rocky, but its a good relationship because you value that relationship so much you are willing to fight for it.

Before I got married, honestly I thought I would somehow never have a rough time in my marriage. I thought somehow things would be perfect between Isaiah and I forever. I knew some things would happen outside our relationship but I never thought about having to fight for our relationship. But I do. I've learned that when you really value your relationship you want to fight to make it work.

I look at my relationship with Isaiah and realize that when I vowed to be Isaiah's wife for the rest of my life it means that I vowed to fight for my relationship with my husband. I vowed that with the rest of my life I would work hard to make my relationship with my husband be the best, even when things aren't the best.

I was thinking more about fighting for your relationships and I thought about my other relationships. I thought about my various friendships and realized that there are some friendships that I am willing to fight for, and some honestly that I'm tired of fighting for. And I've been wondering, when do you stop fighting for a friendship and hang up your gloves and walk away? Do you always fight for a relationship, or do certain relationships come to an end and you have to stop fighting? When do you pick your battles and let some relationships go?

Finally, (I know I'm kind of everywhere with this post) I was thinking about how God fights for us. He fought so much for us that He died on a cross. He didn't want to let our relationship with Him go down without a major fight. And everyday He fights for us and our relationship with Him. Isn't it great that the God of the universe fights for us?

So I think about all my relationships, with Isaiah, with my friends and with God, and I think about how much I am willing to fight for them. I really should be more willing to fight for my relationships. I should fight more for my relationships. My relationships are worth fighting for, especially my relationship with God and with Isaiah.

I hope that this post made sense. It was kind of all over the place, but it was something I was thinking about and wanted to share.

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