Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Wishlist

As of this afternoon I am officially done with this semester. I start back to another semester in about a week and a half, but for a blissful week and a half I am school free. To celebrate I am doing some dreaming and hoping and wishing and posting a list of a few things I am wishing for. Some are more realistic than others, and honestly there is probably other things I would wish for, but here are a few things.

I am not trying to sound un-thankful for the wonderful things I have. I have a wonderful husband, two adorable cats, food to eat and an apartment. But these are just a few things I am day dreaming about, and wishing for. Oh, and its almost my birthday so its nice to dream about that too.

1. This purse, Olivia, from the amazing Vera Bradley. I really love the colorful flowers, and the cute bows. Oh, and did I mention its on sale?

2. This wallet from Target. I have had my whole wallet for a while. I love it, but its starting to get old and I would really love to replace it sometime soon.

3. I found this etsy shop through a blog giveaway and I totally fell in love with some of their prints. This is probably my favorite one. This print from the shop UUPP is just so cute.

4. Now comes the more expensive stuff. We REALLY need a new car. I am in love with this car. I am a huge Chevrolet fan (I come from a Chevy family) and I love this car. Its big enough to grow into as our family grows in the future, but is not as large as an SUV. Its the Chevrolet Traverse.

5. I love Starbuck's Frappucinos!!! My favorite is the mocha flavor. I get mine with extra whip and with caramel drizzle. I know, its terrible for me. But I splurge every couple months and get one.

6. If you wear skirts, like I do, you have to check out Style J. I have one of their skirts, and I fell in love with them. They are very comfy and modest. Oh, and did I mention cute. This is the one I really want to get next.

7. I found Lilla Rose through a blogging giveaway and I have to admit, I really want one. They are so pretty, and (from the reviews I've read) work well for holding up masses of hair, like mine. This is the Celtic Know clip, which is special to me because I love all things Irish.

8. Here's another expensive one, but maybe more on the radar. I do not like my phone. Its really frustrating, and does not work well. Now that the iphone is on Verizon its possible. yay. I am up for a new phone this summer, so we will see.

9. This one is a little different. We live in a tiny apartment in not the best neighborhood. I've always dreamed of having a cute, vintage, wooden house in a quiet neighborhood. No, this is not the exact house, but its the basic idea. 

10. I really love this slipcover. Our couches were generously given to us by my dear sister in law, but I would love to get this slipcover and then sew some accent pillows. 

11. Finally, I really want to do a photo shoot with me and my dear husband. Our wedding pictures turned out, well less than stellar. I have wanted to do this since we got married. 

12. I love this necklace from The Vintage Pearl. You can have your initials on the little heart. Its called Vintage Lovebirds. Its my favorite of their necklaces.

13. Finally, and this is the new one that I just added, I love these shoes from Toms. I think its great that they donate one pair of shoes for every pair of shoes that is bought. 

That is my wishlist. Its things I wish for, most of which I will probably never actually get. But its nice to dream.

What is something you wish for? Do you have a wishlist? 


  1. I got a wallet like that for my birthday, and I really like it. :) And that TVP necklace is one of my favorites, for sure!

  2. I got your note the other day in the mail, what a neat to hear through a card! =) I'll write you back soon!


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