Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Splash Blog Party

I don't usually participate in blog parties and link up with other people's stuff, but this one sounded really fun so I thought I would participate. This blog party is being hosted by From Under My Little Umbrella and Virtuous Girlhood. To be a part of this party you answer certain questions and then link up to From Under My Little Umbrella. One of the neat things about this blog party is there are even prizes. YAY.

Here are the questions/my answers:

What are two songs that describe you? "God Bless the Broken Road" is the song that really describes my life and my relationship with Isaiah. God took a very broken road of my life and it led me to him, who is my prince charming. The other song would have to be "In Christ Alone". This beautiful song talks about Christ being what you stand on, and how He has overcome sin. It talks about so much more, but I don't want to spend an entire post on this song. Maybe someday I will write a post about it. 

What do you most fear? I would say I fear the unplanned. I know it sounds silly, but I love plans, and I fear what I can't plan and what I am not expecting most. I don't like not knowing whats coming or having things happen that are unplanned. I know, things happen all the time that are unplanned but I don't like it, and I fear the unplanned in life a lot. 

What color(s) dominate(s) your wardrobe? Does black, denim and gray (or is it grey? I can never figure it out) count? No? Ok well then I would have to say blues, greens and purples. I honestly wear mostly neutrals.

How do you normally do you hair? When I'm out, in a big loopy bun thing with some kind of flower/bow/hearband in my hair. I almost always am wearing something fun. When I'm around the house, its mostly down or in a braid like when I'm working out. I will say that my husband likes me to wear my hair down or in a looser bun with a sideswept part/over my face thingy happening. 

Do you prefer milkshakes or smoothies? I love smoothies, especially tofu smoothies. I sometimes crave milkshakes, but its rare for me to really like them. I really like smoothies. My husband makes the bomb diggitiest smoothies on the face of this earth! 

Do you like the color pink? I used to hate it, with a passion. Now I don't have as huge of a hatred, but its not my go to color. I have one pink shirt, and that's all I have that is pink. I also don't like it in my house (not that my husband is sad about that). 

What is your favorite flower? I love hydrangeas. They are my favorite by far. In my wedding I based the entire wedding on hydrangeas. It was the theme (along with chocolate). I also had white roses as accents, and I love them too

How many states have you been to? Oh my, 19 plus Washington D.C., so would that be 20 or 19?

What is your favorite thing about June? Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of June. Its the month that separates my birthday and my anniversary. Any month without presents is not a good month. Just kidding, but honestly its not a huge favorite. Its nice that its when the summer showers start here in Florida. In Florida, almost every day in the summers we have a storm in the afternoon. Its funny because today is the first day of June and right now we are having the first summer afternoon shower. 


Describe your "dream wedding location." I already had it! We got married in an adorable church, and the best part was that it was blue (Isaiah's and mine favorite color). 

I hope you join in on the blog party. You don't have to have a blog to join in. They let you email, twitter or facebook your answers, and the prizes are beyond amazing. It really is fun (and a great way to procrastinate from homework). 


  1. Hi Miss Kady!

    I am so glad you are joining in on the party. :) What fun answers to the questions, too! Aww, that is so sweet about how the church was you two's favorite color! <3 TOO cute. :o)


  2. Thanks for participating! I loved reading your answers! Love that picture of you and your bridesmaids! :)

    You have a lovely blog!



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