Monday, June 20, 2011


Something I struggle with a lot is not feeling beautiful. I could list off all the ways that I think I'm ugly/fat/not good looking. Then I start thinking about all the ways that I wish I could change myself. I have to say I can remember doing this all my life. As a little girl I would think about all the ways that I would change myself. The worse thing is when I compare myself to other people. I look around at all the other women and start wishing that I had her nose, or her eyes, or her body.

I definitely can't say that I've conquered this problem. Every day I still look at myself and see something, or multiple somethings, that I don't like about myself. I will say that realizing that God made me this way and I need to see myself through His eyes would help. But honestly I have to admit that I don't. Having a husband who thinks that I'm beautiful. But seeing myself as beautiful just isn't happening.

We all struggle with this and I've noticed that women are the first to tear each other down and hurt each other. We like to put other women down and the way they look in order to feel better about ourselves. I have to admit that I have done this, and have had it done to me. I'm not perfect and in my mind I have definitely thought well at least I'm better looking than her, or even gossiped about other women. But its so wrong.

So if we all struggle with this, shouldn't we be encouraging each other? I have to say that when another woman gives me a compliment and says I am beautiful or compliments me on the way I look it makes me feel so much better.

Is it wrong to worry about how you look on the outside? Is that caring too much about my outward appearance? I know that God says in 1 Samuel 16:7 that God looks on the heart, and we should look for the inside man but I honestly look on my outward appearance and just don't like it.

I want to start trying to compliment other women on how they look and hopefully encourage them. I want to help other women feel so much better about how they look.

I want to post some videos about seeing yourself as beautiful, and knowing that you are beautiful. I really want to help women see that they way they are is beautiful and encourage them that they are special and beautiful in everything about them.

I know this post has been a little helter skelter but I hope someone, somewhere was touched by it. I really want some woman to know she is not alone and that she is beautiful. Because she is.

Does you struggle with this? Be honest. What is one way you have learned to help yourself or other women realize how beautiful they are?

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  1. This post deserves a comment :) I stumbled across this because I was looking for a picture to go along with a very similar blog post I wrote. You are so very right about women comparing themselves to others in a very counterproductive way. Why? Who knows :) But I think we all do it. Those who say they don't have either perfected Sainthood or they're lying! hahaha!
    Stop by my blog sometime! I'd love to hear what you have to say :) (


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