Friday, June 3, 2011

1st Anniversary Help Needed

Today is officially 11 months of being married. I can't wait for our one year anniversary. Its been a wonderful almost year together. I can't wait for our anniversary, but I have a dilemma. Isaiah and I were just talking abut how we have no idea what to get for each other. Evidently Isaiah has been discussing with some people at his work (including his bosses wife) what to get me, and we are both pretty stumped.

I told him, I didn't need anything, and I'm happy with just spending time together. But alas he won't go for it.

I will have to say that I did suggest My Wishlist (which I updated some, so check it out) , but something tells me he won't be going for it. He says that most of the stuff is not "anniversary" enough.

But now I need your help, reader. I cannot figure out what to get Isaiah, and since he doesn't read my blog I am safe to talk about it here. Do you have any suggestions on what to get him, or what to do for him for our anniversary?

Also, do you  have any anniversary memories? Or if you aren't in a relationship, what do you dream about for an anniversary?


  1. I was ummmm about ready to deliver a baby. Lol that pretty much was our anniversary present. We did have dinner at a nice really expensive restaurant, then gave each other romantic cards, "ate", no tasted the cake topper from the wedding cake and watched our wedding video. We've not really done presents for the anniversary yet. That being said, we are about halfway to number 3 so we'll see. :) Good luck!

  2. We just had our first anniversary. My husband took me on a trip for my present and got me a tea cup. For his I framed a picture of our first kiss in a frame that had the verses from our wedding. He really thought it was special, also since it was our paper anniversary, I wrote out my wedding vows to him with a nice note. He really liked that. My suggestion is to go with simple things that you both like, we wanted to be together for our anniversary and it wasn't all about the gifts.


Thank you for the comments!! I love hearing from you. :)