Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sharing Burdens


Bearing other's burdens. It goes so against everything we as human thinks about. We want to selfishly hide in a hole and only think about our own problems. But when there is some problem we want someone else to carry us. Its a need humans have to need someone to help us through difficult times.

I think women really need this sharing of burdens. Not all women are as sharing, but I think God put in inherent need in women to want to share our burdens with other people. We need a community around us to share things with.

As women, we cannot handle things on our own. that is how God made us. God made us to be weak on our own. There is no way to handle life on our own. We have to lean on others, but more importantly God to get us through.

I always thought that we as Christians had to be tough. Nothing could harm us. We had to act like there was nothing wrong and not let other people see us hurt because good Christians are tough. HA

Shortly after I got married I went through a time where I had a huge burden. I needed people to see and help me share it, but I did not let people see my pain and burden. I ended up falling apart and coming to the darkest point in my life. But God let the people in my life see what was happening and they came along side me.

I wish I would have let them see my burden. I wish I would have said that I was struggling and that I needed help instead of just trying to push through it.

I see a need for Christian women to come together and really share each other's burdens. We need that sense of community and love in order to survive. Thankfully, for some of us, God gave that to us in our husbands, but we all need other Christian women to be sharing with.

Thankfully, the God of the universe wants to take our burdens also. He wants to take our burden and carry it for us. Isn't that exciting? God wants to carry our burdens for us. How exciting.

I want to add this challenge. Lets try to make a community where we share burdens. Find another Christian woman who you can share with. Maybe find a younger one you can mentor, or an older one who can mentor you. But lets start sharing each other's burdens.


  1. Love your entry! Yes, we all need more sharing. It's biblical.

  2. All I can say is "AMEN" and that we REALLY do need to share our burdens w/ someone else. I was told some years back that not everyone is as happy as they appear and I know that from experience. There are times I was smiling on the outside but crying and/or screaming on the inside.

    This is such great wisdom -- keep it up!! :)


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