Friday, January 28, 2011

10 Things...

Yesterday one of my best friends sent me a text yesterday that really made sense. She said that we, especially as girls, always think about we don't like about ourselves, especially physically. I can think about 10,000 things I don't like about myself, but when she asked me to list 10 things I like about myself, physically, I had a really, really hard time. God made me beautiful in His eyes, so why can't I see the beauty?

So I thought that I would list 10 things on my blog I like about my physical body. God made me beautiful.

Here goes:

1. the color of my eyes - I have really deep brown eyes. Isaiah says they change shades of brown depending             on what mood I'm in.

2. my lips - I love my lips. I know its silly. But I am thankful God gave them to me.

3. my smile - I got my mom's smile. Its very hereditary on my mom's side. We all have the same smile. But I like my smile.

4. my hair - I have very long (I don't cut my hair) dark brown hair. For years I hated it. I wanted blonde hair, like my mom and brother. But now I love it. Isaiah helped me realize that its beautiful because its not cookie cutter. Its dark and wavy and long, totally not the style. But I like it and Isaiah loves it. And God gave it to me.

5. the shape of my eyes - I have large eyes. I like it. :)

6. my tiny feet - I have size 6 1/2 feet. I like my feet. Its another thing I hated, but then I prayed about it and God showed me its a nice thing.

7. my height - growing up I always told God I would be fine if He did anything to me but made me short. Then at 12 I stopped growing. I'm 5'2". Yeah God got ahold of me. But I have to say I really like it now. I am just the right height to be hugged by Isaiah. And I like being short. God really did make me just the right height.

wow this is hard......

8. my ears - they lay flat and are little. It seems silly but I like it.

9. my weird thumbs - I have weird thumbs. They look like they are cut off in the middle. I used to be very embarrassed about my weird thumbs. But they make me special. God knew just how to make me feel special.

almost done, finally...

10. my nose scrunch - when I'm really happy I scrunch my nose. Isaiah's brother once told me that some man would fall in love with it. And Isaiah did. Its different, but I like it.

So there is my 10 things. I hope I don't sound selfish or conceited. I try hard not to be conceited or selfish. I know that its only because God blessed me with these physical attributes that I can like them. I really do want to give the glory to God for how I look. He sees me as beautiful. And He created me.

So I challenge you to make 10 things that God blessed you with physically. Its harder than you think.                              


  1. Hey Katie,
    It's Hannah Cook from CEF I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your posts. It's very encouraging to see how God uses you. God Bless. :)

  2. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! i like this post! be encouraged that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


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