Monday, January 10, 2011

My Best Friend

So something really great happened this weekend (ok a lot of really great things happened this weekend, but that's for later).... my best friend got engaged. :) :) :) :)

Jaquelyn and I have been best friends with her for a while. We became best friends when we were 16. We were a part of the same ministry for many reasons, and at their summer training camp we became best friends. It was random for a girl from north Florida and a girl from St. Petersburg to become best friends, and stay that way, but we did it. We were close for so long. She helped me get a through a lot during this time. She was always ready to listen and help me.

Her and her "special friend" have been together for 4 years. WOW. They knew they were going to get married, but were not sure when. She has been ready for a while. She will be an amazing wife. She is already 100 times better as a homemaker than I am. 

Her man, Hayden, is pretty great too. They are perfect for each other. He is extroverted and outgoing, where she is quite and shy. They both are very sweet and kind people. 

Jaquelyn knows me inside and out. Besides Isaiah and my mom, she knows me better than anyone. She always knows exactly what I'm thinking and what to say. She really tries to seek God and know Him to the best of her abilities. She is such an encouragement to me to read my Bible and get closer to Him.

She has her own store on Etsy. The stuff she makes is amazing, beautiful. I would love to have a lot more of it. I would definitely encourage everyone to look at it. Here's the link.

She was my made of honor at the wedding, and did an amazing job. She supported me through everything, and added a nice touch so many things in the wedding.

But the exciting thing about her right now is that she got engaged Saturday..... YAY YAY YAY. I have known for a while and had such a hard time not telling her. UGH its been rough. I saw her Thursday and had a hard time knowing it was coming. 

But Saturday was the day. I saw her Sunday night (we went straight from church to go see her; I couldn't wait any longer). She is so excited. Her ring looks like it was made for her hand. Its beautiful.

I'm so excited for her. :) Congratulations Jaquelyn. I love you.

Her and Hayden

The ring

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