Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Word from Katie's Husband

Hi, this is Isaiah, Katie's husband with a few words on behalf of Katie.

This past Tuesday Katie went to the doctor's for a preliminary visit. They gave Katie a pregnancy test that started out positive and then faded back to negative. They then ran a pregnancy blood panel on her which came back negative on Wednesday. The doctor's office expressed a lot of concern over this because her body is still reacting like it is still pregnant and the hormone levels her body is displaying is very abnormal. They wanted her to come in as soon as possible for more tests so we are going back to the doctor's office Monday. We don't know what is going on, but from what we are hearing this is very serious.

Katie is upset about all of this and is very overwhelmed by everything which is why I am writing this now. Please keep us in your prayers because we have no clue what is wrong. Thank you for all the prayers. God Bless.


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