Thursday, January 19, 2012

Update After Surgery

Hello my dear readers. I wanted to update you all on how my surgery went, and what is going on from here. I first want to say I really appreciate all the prayers and support that have come from those of you on facebook, on the blog, and others. I have not been able to personally thank every one that has been praying, and probably am not even aware of everyone that has been lifting me up in prayer. The amount of support and care I have had through this rough time has been truly amazing to Isaiah and I. We covet your prayers and thank you for everything.

Also, in describing the surgery I will use some female medical terms, and if that makes you uncomfortable please stop reading now. I don't want to make anyone upset. 

So surgery yesterday. Everything went pretty well. Once the doctor actually got in and started the surgery, the situation was a lot worse than originally expected. It turned out that my fallopian tube and my ovary had completely melded together, and then had melded to the side wall of my body. There was also a mass behind my uterus, which was removed. The doctor realized that the fallopian tube was already completely destroyed, much more than originally thought, and had to completely remove. She is a little concerned that the ovary may also have to be removed, but we won't know for another month or so. Also, the mass she found was sent for a biopsy, but she is not worried about it and thinks it is from the miscarriage.

The good news is that I am doing pretty good. I am alert (as you can see from the fact that I am posting). I am very dizzy and in a ton of pain, which makes walking difficult. Other than that I am doing pretty good. Today is supposed to the worst day, and so far not too bad. We will see as the day goes on. Thank you so much for all your prayers. I know they have helped.


  1. That's great to hear that it went well! God is so good :)

  2. Katie it's so good to know your surgery went well. I'm praying for you! You view on all of this is such a great example to me, thank you. -Abby Darty


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