Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Fallacy: deceptive appearance, a false or mistaken idea

I'm learning about logic and fallacies in my ethics class and its making me think about the fallacies women have. The things we think about that are so not true, but we believe them and think they are. God doesn't want us to believe these fall things. He wants us to live in Him and have His joy. If we get bogged down with thinking about these fallacies we can't live to our fullest potential in God.

A HUGE fallacies women of all ages believe is that they are not pretty. I have never met a women who has never said, "I would pretty if _____ was _____" Mine would be "I would be pretty if my body was tall and lean." or "I would be pretty if God had made my nose smaller." What I have to think about instead is that God made me perfect to His plans. God made me wonderfully. He sees me as beautiful. If I am beautiful the God of the universe who made beautiful things like roses and the sunset than wow I must be beautiful just the way I am.

A fallacy I struggle with is that if my house isn't perfect, the laundry all done and a nice supper cooked for my husband every night than I am a total failure as a wife. Guess what? Its not true. I am not superwoman. I am me. And some days my laundry will be so piled up its taking over my entire closet. Some days the sink will be so full of dishes I can't find the faucet. And some days my supper will microwave pizza rolls for supper. But guess what, that does not make me a failure as a wife. God wants me to be a wife who lifts up my husband in prayer. I am to be the wife that seeks God first, then does dishes. I am to be a wife who makes sure her husband knows she loves and respects him. And I am learning that honestly Isaiah would much rather I am seeking God and loving him than that he has a full 5 course meal every night or clean clothes.

Another fallacy women believe is that if you are not working outside the home your life is not worth anything. I really struggled with this for a while. I believe though that I am to be a housewife. I am so ok with that. I love being a housewife. But for so long I struggled with feeling like a lazy terrible woman because I was not working. I am not saying staying at home is for every woman. I just know its God's plan for me. I also know that its ok that I'm not working and staying at home and going to school right now. Its how God wants things for us right now. I am in God's will and I am not a lazy terrible woman. I am a very blessed woman.

Fallacies hurt all of us. They really hurt us. Women believe so many that are just not true. What are the fallacies you believe? What does God say about those? God will always have a loving answer for all the things that are wrong. He loves you and wants you to have His joy and know His love.

So what are your fallacies? What has God told you in responce? I would love to hear some.

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