Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our New Cats

Isaiah and I did something very excited this week. We got 2 cats. I'm so happy. If you could see me you would see one proud, happy mama. Their names are Mara and Abby. Abby is a dark brown and Mara is black with a white post on her chest and tummy. They are just tiny kittens and so cute.

I had never had a cat before, just a dog, but had always wanted one. Isaiah loves cats, to the point that his nickname for me is kitten. We had been wanting to get a cat for a while but financially it just did not work outWe got some money but I had pushed it out of my mind thinking that it would never work in a million years. 

Then this week I was feeling kind of lonely being around the apartment by myself a lot. Isaiah works full time and has night classes 3 nights a week and between all that I was just feeling all alone. Isaiah said one night, "what if we got a cat now?" I was shocked but started looking into it. By the time he came home from the work the next day I knew what was needed, what kind of cat I wanted and where we should go. Isaiah said he could tell I really wanted this but he wanted to look at our finances a little more and think about it a few days and get back with me. A day later he said we could get one, but would not tell me when, just that it would be a surprise.

Friday at lunch time he texted and asked if I wanted to go out to lunch with him. He took me to Chipotle (one of my favorite restaurants) and then just said "ok get in the car." I thought we were getting the cat then, but turns out we were just going to petco to look at stuff we needed. We ended up getting almost everything we needed. 

While Isaiah was at work, I texted him and told him that I found out the place we wanted to get the cat from was closing at 4:30 and would not open until Monday. He rushed home and surprised me to get the cat. Turns out we were about 5 minutes too late. I was so sad. The guy at the shelter suggested going to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, SPCA (which I would suggest to anyone looking to adopt an animal). 

We went there and they only had 2 kittens at that point. They had been brought in that day by their foster mom, a sweet older lady who volunteered with the SPCA. The two kittens were not related but had been together at her house for a few months and were friends. 

I held one, Mara, and Isaiah held the other, Abby. It was so sweet. Mara cuddled up against me and Abby cuddled with Isaiah. Isaiah asked me which I wanted to which I jokingly replied, "both". He said alright, let me make sure its ok with our lease. He found out it was, so that night we adopted our 2 beautiful cats, Mara and Abby.

Mara is the timid, shy one. Since we brought her home we have not gotten to pet her. She is still skiddish around us and mostly hides. She seems very sweet though. I think once she warms up she will be very loving. She is very playful and has let us play with her with a toy. She is very determined. She is very adorable.

Abby is the more outgoing one. She already sleeps wit us. She likes to cuddle up. If she is awake and we are not she will jump on us and stare at us until we pet her. She is very mischievous. She follows Mara around and pokes at her sometimes. She is the jumper and has already gotten on the kitchen counter and the top of the refrigerator. 

They are both so sweet, and so different. I am so thankful that God allowed us to adopt them and have them as part of our family. 

Abby trying to sneak up on Mara while Mara plays with her toy. 

Abby hears her name and Mara just ignores us. 

Mara is watching something. 

Our two girls. 


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