Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting Taken to the Vet

So this week I was going to take my little girls (cats) to the vet for their mandatory post adoption check up. Well, that was the theory. I made it later in the morning so I would have plenty of time to get them in their cases and try to finagle them. But alas, it did not work quite as planned.

Isaiah was at work so it was me against the cats. We thought it would not be bad since they had started coming out and letting us pet them and all. They were starting to trust us and love us. I was praying a lot that it would be easy.

We had been realizing that Mara was probably abused by the woman who used to own her. She is really skiddish with me, but not as much with Isaiah. She won't come close to you if your hand is open, she seems to think you will hit her. And she would not let herself be touched at all until about Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning was our trip to the vet. I was really praying it would go well. It did not.

Abby went in her carrier ok. But after I put her in and went to get Mara, she cried (as only an adorable kitten can) and meowed. It was so pitiful. I had a hard time not crying. I was making my sweet little girl upset and I hated that feeling. I knew it was for the best though so I kept going.

Mara was not as easy. She was hiding under the bed and would not come out. I did everything I could to get her out. I ended up breaking the bed frame (which my wonderful husband thankfully fixed later) trying to get her out. She hissed at me and was angry.

I honestly had such a hard time with it all. I did not want to do something that would get them upset. I did not want to make them do something they did not like. I sobbed because I hated doing this to them so much.

Mara never did go in her carrier. I had to call the vet and tell her that she would not be coming. They understood. Some cats are just so scared of getting hurt that they won't, but she will have to go in very soon, probably next week.

Turns out it was good I took Abby in. She was sick. She had a sort of cat cold that we have to watch.

I knew they needed to go. Abby did not like being at the vet. She was miserable, and Mara just refused to go. But I knew it was good for them. I knew they needed to do it.

After all this I thought about how God does stuff to us. I am not saying I am like God, but the idea is there. I knew the bigger picture. I knew that the cats needed to be taken to the vet. I knew that in the end it was for the best. I would never hurt them just to hurt them, but to them it seemed like it was. They could not see the bigger picture.

Aren't we like that? We say, "God why are you doing this?" Sometimes we go into something, like Abby, but cry the whole time. We whine and get scared and are not happy, but we go. Sometimes we are like Mara, we just scratch and get mad. We are stubborn. But in the end, God will teach us the lesson, it just may be later.

When something happens we blame God and act as if He is trying to hurt us, but like the cats, we can't see the bigger picture. We cannot see that in the end its the best for us. We just see the immediate terrible thing happening to us. Its hard to trust that God has a bigger picture that we can not see and that this terrible thing happening to us is good for us.

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