Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Prince

I have wanted to post something a little less deep and also having to do with Valentines Day (which is just around the corner). I saw this on a blog I follow called learning to love. She has been posting something about her fiance, or her prince as she calls him. Almost everyday she talks about something random about her prince. I wanted to do the same thing for my prince, Isaiah.

I love random trivia about people. I greatly enjoy learning trivia, and though no one may really care about trivia about Isaiah, I think I will do this. Sometimes I get tired of posting all deep, hardcore stuff. I want my blog to be multifaceted. Not just deep stuff, not just deep recipes but all kinds of things. 

So some random facts about my Valentine, my prince, Isaiah. (sigh, yes I still sigh every time I think of him)

1. He loves airplanes. He loves anything to do with airplanes. He got his solo flight (which means he could fly the plane by himself, I think). He knows basically everything there is to know about airplanes (or so I think). His dream is to get his commercial license.

2. He was (and still is) in Civil Air Patrol for like most of his life. CAP is an Air Force Auxiliary that trains young men and women to be ready to help in emergencies, helps them train to be pilots and other things. Its kind of a mix between ROTC and Boy Scouts (but don't tell anyone in CAP I said that, they will disagree).

3. He is a huge Gator's fan. He comes from a family of Gator fans. They are huge, huge fans. He follows every game. I am an Auburn fan, and as you can see,  it gets interesting. 

3. Isaiah loves guns. He has always been into guns, but especially now that he can get his concealed weapons permit. He loves to look at guns, talk about guns and daydream about guns. 

4. His personality is very different than mine. I am all emotions, kind of like fire and ice. I feel very deeply. I'm either super happy, or super sad. But my dear prince is the opposite. He is very unwavering and even keeled. Its a great balance to me. 

5. He is a great Christian. When He prays you can tell that God is just His best friend. One of the first things I fell in love with was that his prayers were not pretentious but just normal, like breathing. His faith is so matter of fact. Its as if nothing would ever shake him in his faith. No matter what happens, God is God and God is unchanging. 

There is so much more I could talk about about my prince charming. He is just so amazing. His love is so unwavering and unselfish. I have the best prince in the world. I am so thankful God gave him to me.


  1. He isn't too bad looking either...although he does look a bit Amish with that beard! :-D

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