Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Comforter Adventures

I love to share crazy parts of my life with you, as many of you know. This is one may be one of the best crazy stories since we have been married.

On Tuesday morning I had a HUGE test in astronomy so I was studying like crazy. When I study there could be an atomic bomb drop and I would have no clue. I'm so into studying that I just don't pay any attention to anything Well, maybe I should.

Anyway, I'm being good and studying like crazy all about Newton's laws and the how fast you would have to throw a ball to get it into orbit (5 miles per second if you care to know) and lots of other interesting random things when my husband comes home.

My husband decided to be very helpful and said, "honey, I think I'm going to wash the comforter." Again, I'm studying and not paying any attention and kind of mumble a, "ok sweetheart. sounds good." without really thinking about what he said. Yes, he said he was  going to was our Queen comforter in our compact washer. And me being not the smarter wife did not say anything (so yes I'm just as guilty in this one).

He throws it in and I get to a place in my studying where I feel like I can stop so we run out for supper and errands. We don't get back until 11 pm and I'm exhausted. It was one of those bone numbing tireds where you can't think straight. I walk in the bedroom to start studying a little more than go to bed and the comforter is missing.

Isaiah says, "oh let me put in the dryer so we can go to bed." I go back to my in depth studying and then I hear it. It was the moan to end all moans. "OOOOOHHHHH NO" comes from behind the door to the washer machine. I look up (yes it did break my studying) and he comes in the bedroom looking like he just did the worse thing possible. He told me that he ruined our comforter and that it was ripped to shreds. He is VERY upset.

Our comforter was our wedding gift from his parents. It was a big deal. We had matching curtains and all (basically the only thing in our apartment that does match).

He pulled out the comforter and not only is the top fabric ripped, the stuffing is even ripped. Its way beyond my ability to fix it.

My poor husband feels terrible and I start laughing. I was so tired I started laughing. He could not figure it out. He thought I was going to be mad or upset. I was sad, it was special to us, but at that point I was able to see how funny the situation was and just laugh.

Well, we don't have another blanket that would fit on our bed so my wonderful husband offers to make a wal-mart run to get another comforter. I don't like it but I guess we have to. I wanted to go since this was like an important part of our room.

So we go to wal-mart and pick out a beautiful comforter that is now on our bed. And we learned our lessons,  my husband won't wash comforters in the laundry and I will learn to pay more attention to him when I'm studying,

I will say, he was super wonderful through it all. He acted like a true husband. He only did it to help me by washing our comforter. When he found out what happened he never blamed me or anything but was willing to do anything it took to make up for it too me. I felt sorry for him, he felt so terrible about it.


  1. Awww... that's sad.

    Nice blog though! Thanks for sharing it with me. I've subscribed to it in Google reader so I'll probably read a post now and then. :)


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