Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let's Get Excited!

Church on Sunday was amazing. I could write a weeks worth of posts about what I got out of it, and what I learned. It was a real revival. Sunday morning service was amazing. After the sermon, the altar was four and five people thick. Over a quarter of the congregation were at the altar. It was so moving. The visiting preacher really preached his heart out. It was one of those services you remember your whole life.

Sunday evening service was moving, but in a different way. The preacher preached on getting excited about God. It really convicted me.

How many times have I sat in church and thought about all kinds of things that were not about church? How many times have I woken up on a Sunday morning and not wanted to go to church? How many times have I spent times have I talked about God in a way that was boring?

I can't count how many times I've gone to church basically dreading it. I've gone just hoping to get through the day, or wanting to get through service just so I can talk to my friends. But how many times have I been excited about an Auburn football game, or going to hang out with my friends? 

How convicting it is to think that I'm more excited to go to Starbucks with my friend than worshiping my God! I want to be like David who was so excited to worship God that he danced around the ark. I don't want to be like Michal who looked in scorn on David's worship. 2 Samuel 6:13-23

I want to be excited about God. I want people to see how excited I am about my Savior. Its an exciting thing to serve Him. Its an exciting thing to worship Him. Its an exciting thing to follow the plan He has for my life. Its an exciting thing to love Him.

Another thing that the pastor talked about in his sermon, that really hit home, was that children will mimic the worship and excitement about God that their parents have. I can see that in my life. I have seen families where the parents do not act excited about God. They act like worshiping God is a chore to be done. In those families, you can watch the children and quite a few of them have fallen away from the faith or don't have a good relationship with God. Then I see those families who parents have an excitement about God and their families and the children are close with God. I am not saying that all children that fall away from the faith are caused by parent's not be excited about God, or that children whose parents aren't excited about God can't be excited. I am just saying that I can see a correlation in my life.

I want my children to see my worship of God and want that. I want my children to get excited about God because they see Isaiah and mine worship and excitement of God. 

Worshiping God should be the highlight of my life. It should be the thing I get the most excited about. I should get ecstatic about the chance to go to church, read my Bible, pray and all other acts of worship. Everyone around me should see that worshiping God is the highlight of my life and want to learn more.

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