Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend in Orlando

This past weekend Isaiah and I stayed stayed with my biological dad in Orlando, FL (only like a 2 hour drive from where we live in St. Petersburg area). It was really nice to have a relaxing weekend to unwind before finals week (which I'm in right now, double ugh) and the summer gets into full swing. I hadn't seen my dad since January (which is crazy for us) so it was nice all the way around.

We left after Isaiah got off work on Friday. We stopped for Chipotle (my favorite restaurant) on the way over as a special Friday night treat. YUM! Then drove on to Orlando. We got there kind of late, but it was nice to see my dad. We chilled and went to bed early (at least early for us, which is like 12 pm).

Saturday we stayed at the hotel (more like a small apartment, with a kitchen and all) most of the day. Isaiah went swimming, I napped and my dad had some work. It was super relaxing. Saturday evening Isaiah, my dad and I went to Citywalk at Universal Orlando. Its an area with all kinds of shops and restaurants. Its really a neat place.  My dad took us to eat. I had an amazing hamburger, with guacamole, cucumber, tomatoes and ranch dressing. Yes, I'm odd, but man was it good.

Me and my dad outside the Hard Rock Cafe. 

Isaiah and I at Citywalk. 

I love my husband! <3

On Sunday, we slept in. My husband spoiled me and made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. We didn't eat until 12 ish but it was worth it. 

Isaiah making me breakfast. 

As Isaiah says, "Chocolate chips with a little pancake thrown in to keep them together." And its pretty.

My dad waiting for pancakes too.

That afternoon we met Isaiah's brother and sister-in-law at the Florida Mall. They go to church in Orlando, so it worked perfectly. It was really fun. Then we went and met Isaiah's sister and her boyfriend for supper at T.G.I Fridays. They had gone to Seaworld. I have to admit I was a little jealous. We honestly didn't plan for all of us to be in Orlando the same day, but it worked out that way.

Isaiah and I stopped for lunch at a McDonald's with a bistro. I had never been there, but Isaiah had gone there the morning of our wedding, so its kind of special to us. This McDonald's is crazy. You have the regular McD's food there, but there is also bistro type pastries and sandwiches. Inside its set up kind of like a fancy coffeehouse. On the second floor, (yes there's a second floor) there is a full arcade. It was crazy.

Isaiah sitting in the very comfy chairs. Isn't my smoothie pretty?

If you have never been to the Florida Mall, its a crazy place. There is a hotel that is connected directly to it. It amazed me. Its huge. I could easily spend days there. 

In the Florida Mall there is a an M&M world. I loved it. Chocolate is my downfall. I'm still trying to figure out what happened to make that splotch on my shirt. Its not actually on the shirt, odd.

Isaiah's little sister, Abigail, and her boyfriend Matt at supper with us. 

It was a really fun weekend. As you can see, I ate way too much. It was nice to relax. Now to get back to the grind of studying for finals. 


  1. The Florida Mall is gigantic! I got lost! :) I love taking day trips to Orlando!

  2. It's a small world!! When I saw Abigail's bf, Matt, I thought he looked familiar. Sure enough, I know him. My dad started a church in Beaufort & his extended family attended that church. I've known his family a LONG time - YEARS before Matt was even born. :)

    Rebekah M.


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