Friday, May 13, 2011

Please Pray

I would like to ask those of you out there who read this blog to please pray for my Meema (or grandmother for those of not from the south). She has very severe Alzhiemers. Late last night she fell at her nursing home. My mother did not find out until today. But evidently it is very serious. She broke her hip and leg, though for those who understand medical things I do not have much more information. The doctor says she has to have surgery, though are not sure when yet. 

Its very hard because with her Alzhiemers she does not understand what is happening to her or why she is hurting. She has a compulsion to take off any kind of dressing or bandaids or pull out stitches. This surgery is supposed to be pretty intense, and we are concerned with her recovery.

Isaiah and I are headed to see her, and my family after Isaiah gets off work today.

I would ask people to be praying. I will know more when I get there tonight, and if possible I will post more. I just ask you to be praying for her and for my family.

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