Wednesday, May 25, 2011

School Frustrations and Excitement

A while ago (like January while) I wrote about my school and all that was going on. At that point I had done a year at Clearwater Christian College (CCC). Then I took a semester off and was about to start at St. Petersburg College (SPC). I was so nervous. I had never been in a public school setting before since I was homeschooled since kindergarten, then went to a tiny Christian private school for my first year of college. Transferring to SPC was definitely the right decision, but it was not easy.

I went through my spring semester and after much going back and forth realized that it looked like I could graduate with my AA from SPC at the end of July. YAY I went and met with an advisor to check on it, and she looked at the class schedule I had and (being totally serious) suggested I get counseling because of the workload I had. Then she looked at my classes and agreed with what I had already thought, that if I took 3 rough classes this summer I could graduate in July with my AA. For those of you who don't know, an AA is an Associates in Arts degree or a two year degree.

My work load last semester was pretty crazy. Thankfully my dear husband took up the slack around the apartment since he didn't have a hard semester and encouraged me. I can't tell you how many times I called my mother super upset because my husband was doing laundry and dishes. I felt like a terrible wife because I was doing school and he was taking care of the house. My amazing, wise mother kept reminding me that it was ok. This is the period of my life I'm in. She reminded me that my husband really wanted me to get my education and the amazing man that he is was happy to help, and that it was ok. I have an amazing husband and mother!

During the spring semester I applied to the University of South Florida to enter in the fall. Isaiah goes to school there for business and they have a great social studies education program (my major). Honestly, I didn't think I would get. My grades were not stellar and to be honest, I never thought I would be good enough for a state school. It was like I had always thought I was not good enough for it, and I would be going to small schools. It was a hard time waiting to hear whether I was accepted. Honestly, I checked everyday. hehe

I ended the spring semester having a 4.0 semester (which brought my GPA to 3.2) and was so relieved to be done. I got a week off of school (so did Isaiah so it was nice) to recoup and (I thought) catch up on the house. God had different plans. Instead I got the flu, then when I was finally better, my grandmother went into the hospital. Oh well.

I started back to school with 3 classes (though they are summer and thus condensed so, according to the advisor, its considered twice the work). I have world religions (its.. interesting) and 2 sciences. UGH I'm takig oceanography and biological issues. I have to say, its different. I'm aweful at science so we will see how this goes. If anyone wants to offer tutoring..... lol

I started this semester with a bang, or my grandmother being in the hospital etc. Then this week I found out I got accepted into USF!!! I am now a bull. I am so excited. I'm really praying I can have the same schedule as my husband for fall, so we can at least drive to class together.

I am so tired of school, honestly. I can't cont the number of times I have questioned why I am doing all this. I know that God has a plan, and I'm ok with that, but sometimes its hard. My husband, thankfully is super beyond supportive and helpful, but its hard.

I have to say I'm excited to be graduating this July with my AA. I feel like its not a big deal, kind of like graduating from middle school. I feel like ok, yes I worked hard to get here, but it really does not count for much. But its something.

It will be nice going to school at the same school with Isaiah. And to being a bull (USF's mascot). So that is my school right now. How exciting. Or not.

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  1. Girl, it's amazing that you will have an A.A. by the end of the summer...I'm jealous, really, even though I'm working towards mine as well. You are doing an amazing job, and frankly, it never hurts a man to have to do dishes or laundry. It keeps him feeling needed and on his toes... ;) I don't mind saying so, especially since your hubby is my little brother...LOL! Love you both!!


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