Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dear Younger Me

My dear friend Abby at Tickled Pink and Fabulous wrote a letter to herself, and it greatly inspired me. You are supposed to write a letter looking back and giving advice that you wish you had known, or looking back.

Dear Younger Me,

*When all else fails, God does not. Even when it feels like He has forgotten you, He hasn't. Even when you have no clue what He is doing, He has a plan.

*Don't worry about what other people think.Its your life. All your life all you will work so hard to make everybody happy, and you can't. You work so hard to make everyone happy that it dictates everything you do, and you become super stressed and miserable. Try to not worry about it, and be willing to say no.

*Though you have some really rough situations, you will have a great life. You have a wonderful, loving family, an amazing husband and most of all, an awesome God.

*Be willing to let other people see your weaknesses. Realize that everyone has weaknesses, and you can show that you are weak.

*You don't have to hate the way you look so much. Just because you are not the "normal" beautiful, you don't have to hate yourself. You are not fat, like you think you are. Instead of hating your weight and your body all of your life, learn to be happy with the way God made you.

*You will find the love of your life. You will meet a man who perfectly completes you, and who God made for you. He will be more than anything you ever expected.

*The friends you thought were some of your best friends, aren't, and the people you never expected to be your close friends will turn out to be the ones who really care. Even though friends will come and go, your family and God never will.

*You will lose your first baby, Faith Elise, through a miscarriage. It will be one of the worse things you ever go through. Many people in your life will not understand what you are going through, but lean on those who do. God will show Himself in such a mighty way through that, and help you love others.

*You will change colleges three times in three years. It will be crazy, and you will be very frustrated, but you will have so many different experiences and it will be great.

*The first place you live once you are married will not be up to what you always dreamed. It will be messy, overly cluttered and just not what you expected. You will learn so much about being willing to be where God has you, loving your husband and not nagging and so many other lessons. Then God will reward you with an amazing house that is such a blessing.

*Most of all realize that no matter what happens, God never changes.


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  1. What a lovely post, and such a great reminder that the Lord will carry us through hard times, even when we don't see it at the time.


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