Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Making Our Home

Hi. Yes I am still alive. I know I have been totally out of the blogging world lately, but I am still alive. We are crazily trying to unpack right now, and clean up the old apartment. School starts next week and we are also getting everything ready for that.

I can't wait to post pictures, but I also want to get things a little more set up before I do. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be in this place. I finally feel like I am at home. Our apartment never fully felt like home. It felt like a place we were living, but I never felt at home. It was always beyond messy and super cluttered. So many people would make comments about it that made me feel like trash. I hated the comments and the looks. It made me feel like I was a failure as a person. I was trying so hard to make it a home and it was not working.

This place feels like home. Its so wonderful. Its a feeling that I have felt only a few times in my life. My family moved around so much that I had a hard time letting myself feel like I could really feel at home anywhere. Then I moved so much after I left home and then the apartment. I really feel at home here. Its a wonderful feeling.

Our home is coming together. I have a lot of dreams and ideas for our new home, and I can't wait to act them out. Right now I am just unpacking and getting things together. I will post pictures once I have a few more things put together and a few more boxes unpacked.

The biggest thing that has to be done is to get some curtains. We had blinds that came with the old apartment, and so we didn't have to have curtains. Right now we have sheets, blankets etc tacked to the windows with thumbtacks until we can get some curtains put up.

I am so excited. I am so happy that I get to make this house a home. Its such a wonderful feeling to be working on making a home for my little family. I always feel complete when I'm working on the house. I have to say that I love making a little home.

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