Friday, August 19, 2011

School Days......

Its that time of year again...... Its the time when the weather gets cooler , the leaves start changing, and everyone goes back to school. Ok well the real story is the weather is not cooler at all because well, we all go back to school in the middle of August. I live in Florida where the leaves are either green or dead, and they are only dead for about 2 months a year. I have never actually seen the leaves change, or been north when I hear they are so pretty during the Autumn. But everyone is back to school. Oh joy.

No I am excited to get back to school. I like having the structure and the assignments beyond the vague do the laundry and clean the house. I feel accomplished when I get assignments done. But I will say that I am not wanting to go back to school at the same time. I enjoy being home and not worrying about school too.

So Monday I start back to school, and so does Isaiah. For the first time, Isaiah and I will be going to the same school, though probably not at the same time. We are trying to get into the same class, but right now its looking like a slim chance.

I'm really excited to be taking mostly classes that have to do with my major. I have a few various random classes that I have to take, but those are ones that I'm kind of looking forward to honestly.

The HUGE downsize to starting school is that Isaiah starts back into his night classes. Very sad. It means that I don't get to see him much until the weekends, though if we can take the same class it will be a good thing. So for the next 4 months I won't see my husband, but I have to say that I am so thankful for the time I am with him. This summer has made me so thankful for the time we have together, and thankful that he doesn't have to travel all the time, or that he is gone. I get to see him every night, and wake up to him every morning. Its something that I sometimes take for granted.

Starting school back has made me think about stages of life a lot. You know, we are all in different stages of life. Sometimes its hard not to look at other people and want the stage of life that they are in. I think that is one of the biggest struggles with coveting that I have. I want to be in a stage of life that God put someone else in, instead of me. Do you ever feel that way? Sometimes its hard to just be content where I am at in my life right now. I want to jump forward or backward, but God does not design that for me right now. I know that God has a plan for my life. I don't know what those people whose stage I covet, struggle with. I can't see the things that God puts in their life. I need to be content with where God has me right now, which is just Isaiah, me and our two cats and us in school full time. That is the stage that God wants me to be in. Someday He will let me move to the next stage, but while I am in this stage, I need to learn all I can and appreciate all that God has blessed me with right now.


  1. Good Friday evening to you Kady.

    God has you and Isaiah in school probably because with the knowledge that you will each gain, you will be teachers to others in a sense.

    You are meant to learn because your path is one of growth and discovery.

    You are together (at the same school) and yet separate (there at different times) to learn how to flexibly adapt to both connection and independence.

    You may have exactly what others covet:)

  2. Just came by to say hello and see how your Wednesday is going:)


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