Monday, April 18, 2011

How Big Is Your God?

Today in church our pastor's sermon was on how big our God is. He was talking about how we tend to make God so small. We tend to look at our life and think that God is big, but maybe not big enough to handle.... (you fill in the blank). For some reason, we think that our God is not big enough to handle whatever it is we are going through. We hear how God worked in other people's lives and think that God was big enough to handle their problems, but He's not big enough to handle ours.

If we only realized how huge our God is. If we only were able to believe how huge and powerful our God is it would change our life. We would realize that all of our trials and problems are nothing compared to our God than we would live our lives in a totally different way.

We serve a powerful God. We serve the God who knows everything about us. We serve the God who created the universe. This is the God we serve.

Something my pastor said that really hit home with me was that God does not need us. He is still our Savior, whether or not we receive salvation. He is our Redeemer, whether or not we ask for redemption. He is also still our Healer, whether or we not we ask for healing.

We serve the same God who did so many powerful works in the Bible. We serve the God who stopped a funeral procession and brought the boy back to life (think about being on the way to bury someone and some Man stops you and brings the deceased back to life, wow). He is the same God who raised Lazarus from the dead after 4 days. Lazarus was stinking already and he was brought back to life. This is the God who healed the woman that had been bleeding for years and years. He healed her immediately. This is the God who came into the dust of this sinful world and became Man. He went through the pain we go through, and understands our pains. And guess what, that is the God we serve.

Our pastor told the story of the Elisha and his servant. Elisha was surrounded by the king of Syria who wanted to kill him. His servant boy looked out at the huge Syrian army surrounding the city and was scared. Elisha prayed to God and asked that God would open the young man's eyes. When the young man's eyes were opened he saw that the mountains were filled with horses and chariots of fire. (2 Kings 6: 14-17)

That is how it is with our problems. So many times we are like Elisha's young servant and all we can see is the trial. What we cannot see is how much bigger our Lord is. If we were able to see how much larger our God is than our problem, how much pain and anxiety could be taken away?

My pastor shared a quote someone told him that really spoke to me. A man my pastor was talking to one time who said he believed in God, but nothing backed it up, and the man told him a very powerful thing, "When you think you have God figured out, you've limited Him."

My pastor had us sing this song twice today, and after thinking about all this it really impacted me.

I know so many times I limit God. I look at the mountain which is my problem. I tell God how huge the mountain of problems I have is, but I should be telling the mountain of problems how big my God is.


  1. Amen! We do serve a BIG God! One who is able to do ABOVE & BEYOND what we can even dream of! I am so thankful! Thanks for posting this :)

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