Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guest Post

Caitlin from Fit, Fierce and Fabulous has generously offered to do a guest post for me. You may remember her from my Pen Pals post. She hosted the pen pal swap. I really love her blog. Its all about her life as a student (which I relate to), her relationship with her man, and random things about her life. Its a lot of fun to read. She asked for people to guest blog on her blog, and I offered. She generously offered to write a blog for me. I am so excited to share it with you. Her relationship with her boyfriend is so sweet,  and when I saw this post I got so excited. I love sweet love stories, especially real ones. You all hear about my love all the time, now you get to hear about hers.

Cue mushy post...
Tangled clip
I adore this scene, and seeing "the light" for the first time is probably how I feel about meeting the boy for the first time..

A few people have asked how the boy and I met.. but I thought it would be interesting instead of hearing it from ME..why don't you hear it from..the boyfriend himself!
[ boyfriend
One day in the Spring of '07,I saw Cait walk into class and thought she was very pretty, but we were both dating other people at the time During class we started talking and became friends. During that summer, I wished her a "Happy Birthday" on Facebook and told her I would buy her a drink since she had just turned 21, just to be friendly. I was still dating this other girl at the time but noticed Cait became single over the summer. My feelings started to dwindle for this other girl not because of thinking of Cait, but because I was super busy with football and it was hard for both of us see one another. I ended up breaking it off which may have been better for both of us in the long run.

Since Cait actually was friends with the other girl, I didn't want to be forceful, and I also knew that Cait had just ended a serious relationship with her boyfriend a few months prior. I talked to her about asking if I could still take her out for a drink, which she replied "Sure, but it's NOT a date". I chuckled at that thought, and told her I would pick her up after my away football game. I admit, I was a little nervous, what guy isn't?
I drove to her apartment, and we went to a restaurant called Carlos O Kellys. We began talking about family, friends (of which we had NO ONE in common, despite our small school, and a joke to this day) Of course at the end of the night I payed for everything, because that's how I've been brought up. She was sweet about it and we went out with a few of her other friends to a bar so I could buy her (and her friends, since I'm such a nice guy like that) a drink. 
Actual photo from our 1st date
We look SO young

One of the things I don't really share with a lot of people is my love for musicals. I was taken back when Cait found my hidden "Phantom of the Opera" CD in my car on our ride home from our "date". She swore she wouldn't tell anyone my secret, and I found out she also had a love for musicals. We decided we would watch another favorite of mine, RENT. That turned out to be one of the greatest nights I've ever had with her. We talked until 4am about our likes, dislikes, relationships, family, dreams, favorite colors, pets, and more. Of course talking wouldn't have been that bad except we had an 8am class together the next morning (OOPS!)
My 22nd birthday, she took me to see RENT downtown!

After a few weeks, I realized I really started to like her. But the funny thing is, she asked ME out! I do like a girl that knows what she wants (haha). Clearly after 3 1/2 years my feelings haven't changed, and get stronger as the days past. I'm lucky I found such an amazing woman who I can not only call my girlfriend, but my best friend.So there you go.. that's my side of this mushy story. 

I bought her coach shoes for her 22nd birthday
 Yup- I'm thinking I am one lucky girl..and now you know how we met! (oh and boyfriend, IF you're reading this, lanterns, starlight, a boat... it's probably a dream of mine to do this someday, wink)

Any questions for the boyfriend? 
Do you have a unique "how we met" story?
What's your favorite thing your significant other bought you?

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