Monday, December 27, 2010

Our First Christmas

This was mine and Isaiah's first Christmas. It was so busy. But it was wonderful to spend Christmas together as a new family and with my larger family.

We went to my parents on Thursday night after Isaiah got off work. I had worked hard to get everything packed up, including the food, clothes etc. It felt so weird because by the time we left it was completely dark outside (I am definately ready for it to get light again). We got to my parents late on Thursday night and basically said "hi" and then "goodnight" to my family. My younger siblings, Daniel 11, Joshua 8 and Lydia 5, were so hyper when we got there that they basically overran us when we got there.

The next morning we woke up (too early for my opinion)
to a very busy day. The room we stayed in was a loft that overlooks the living room, dining room and kitchen so anytime anyone is up you can hear it. When the kids woke up the next morning I knew my sleep was over. I went downstairs while my husband woke up (slowly). The day of cooking was to begin. I made chocolate bars that were amazing!!!

During all this my mom amde my favorite meal and she makes it everytime I'm home. It is pot roast, lima or butter beans and macaroni cheese. Its become almost a tradition for us to have it when I'm home so she made sure she made it for lunch on Christmas eve.

After I was done, we did a Christmas tradition of my family which is to watch one of the greatest Christmas movies on earth, 'White Christmas'. Isaiah and I had already watched it, but I watch it with my family every year. While we watched it Isaiah made his signature buttermilk pie. It was so good. Its kind of like an egg custard pie with vanilla and nutmeg undertones.

After all the cooking, Isaiah and I went to church for a Christmas eve candlelight service with my family. Lydia was funny. She started out sitting next to Isaiah. Then she looked up at him and slowly got on his lap. We got up to sing, then as soon as he sat down, she sat on his lap again. A few minutes later he put her on the seat because his legs were hurting and next thing we knew she got up on his lap. This happened through the entire service. It was so cute. Didn't we look cute?

After the service, we went to a friend's house for a while. She had so much food. I ate way way too much. But it was nice to see her. She is one of my closest friends, and was in our wedding. We hadn't seen her since the wedding. After that we finally went back to my parents and crashed.

At around 2 am Christmas morning I hear little footsteps. I was so tired I just ignored them. This happened basically all the time until at around 4:30 ish I hear a bell. Santa had given Joshua the bell to wake everyone up that morning. I rold out of bed and went to my parent's room VERY grumpy. My mom and Lydia were not happy campers either. We curled up in my parent's bed until 5 when we couldn't put it off anymore. We got up and got dressed. We opened the presents and were done before day light. I was sooo tired.

Isaiah and I went back to sleep for about an hour. THANKFULLY

We went to my grandmother's nursing home for Christmas dinner with her. She has severe Alzheimer's. It has always been hard to see, but this time was by far the worst. When we first got there, she couldn't remember who I was. I knew this day was coming, but had been dreading it since she got Alzheimer's. I knew the day would come, but I did not expect it to be now. It was so hard seeing her like this.

Then we went to my sister Brenda's. Her husband is my brother Scott who is in Afghanistan. There were so many people there. My sister's family was all there, and so was my family. We ate a ton of food. There was Spanish food, regular Christmas food and all kinds of other things We do a potluck style dinner where everyone brings something. It makes for a very eclectic dinner.

After dinner and lots of family time, everyone opened presents. It was a mad house. Everyone just dives into the pile of presents. Its loud and crazy and honestly not the funnest way to open presents.

After we opened presents my mom, Isaiah and I left and went back to my parent's house. As soon as I got back I went to bed. I was so tired.

It was a fun, very busy, tiring weekend. We are still recouping (it doesn't help that we both got sick on Sunday). I had a great time with my family and with Isaiah. It was a wonderful first Christmas.

Some pictures:

Isaiah and my brother after dinner

Lydia and my niece

Isaiah and I visiting my grandmother


Though our Christmas was still great, we still need to remember that its about Christ, and everyday we need to seek and look for him.

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  1. Looks like you 2 had a nice time! And my goodness, Daniel & Lydia both look so grown up!


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