Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'll Be Home for Christmas (but they will not)

Today starts Christmas crazyness for me so I'm not sure how much I'll post, but I wanted to dedicate this to the men in my life, and all the men and women who are overseas with the military and can't home for Christmas.

Every where you see "support our troops" signs and hear songs about missing home for Christmas, but this year it really hit home for me. Christmas is about family for me. Its about sharing time with the people you love. And this year, our Christmas is missing some very important people.

I have 3 family members in the military who are overseas. Its hard thinking about them being over there, not with family. 2 are fighting in Afghanistan and 1 is stationed in Germany. I'm really thinking about them and missing them right now.

Scott is my older step-brother (though I just call him brother). He is stationed in Afghanistan. He does something with communications. I honestly don't quite understand what it is, but I do know that he is in danger, and that worries me. He resigned for another years so it will be a long time before I see him. He is very quiet and set back. He is not the life of the party. He can seem gruff and harsh, but to me he has always been a big softy big brother who gives good hugs. I sometimes think I see a side of him a lot of people don't. He is a workaholic and loves anything to do with eagles. He always fries the turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. When he makes it, I actually like turkey; its the only time. Christmas dinner is at his house this year; his wife is hosting it. It will be weird not having him there, in the background. I will miss him.

Charlie is the next one to be deployed.He's also a step-brother (though he is also just called brother). He is also in Afghanistan (I hear its a 15 minute helicopter ride from Scott). He flies helicopters, though honestly I am not sure if that's what he is doing there. Sometimes he handles personal. He is the most personable of all my siblings, or so I think. He does everything. If there is something he can be involved in, he is. He is on the local school board, he is deacon at his church, he is in the national guard (and works full time for them), he is a flag football coach and so many other things. He has 2 little boys, who are adorable and a wife at home. Though he can be so outgoing he can also just be quiet. He is the brother who I can sit in the same room with for hours and we not talk and that's just fine. He will be very missed.

And last, but not least, is my nephew Scotty. He is Scott's son. He is stationed in Germany. Him and I are very close, and have been since we were children. We knew everything about each other growing up. Christmas day we would spend as much time together as possible talking and just hanging out. He can be quiet, like his father, but he is so caring and sweet. I can't count the times I've been upset and he has helped me. He collects knifes, and always wanted to be in the military. When we are like 3 and 4 he would play with Army men and talk about when he could join. He is probably going to be sent to the Middle East within the next year, and will be in a lot of danger as his job is going door to door to look for bombs. Thankfully for now, he is in Germany and relatively safe. I will miss him so much.

So as I head home for Christmas, they are in my thoughts a lot right now. I am tearing up as I write this. But I am so proud of them for fighting for our country and trying to keep it safe. So this week as my gathers to celebrate, we will be praying and thinking of them. Stay safe, and come home.

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