Saturday, March 19, 2011

Us Weekend

My dear Isaiah and my schedule has been pretty crazy lately. With Isaiah and I both going to school and Isaiah working we hardly see each other during the week. Our weekends have been busy with all kinds of events. We hadn't had just us time in a while. 

We had a weekend free so I was planning a surprise weekend getaway for us. That night, Isaiah told me not to plan something for this weekend. I got worried. That typically means he is planning something. I was worried. I got hi to tell me what we were doing, and turns out he was planning a weekend getaway too. We ended up getting a place in Orlando for the weekend. 

Its been so nice to getaway. We have no homework, no work, and no housework. It feels so strange. I'm honestly not sure how to handle it. Its really nice to not have something that has to be done.

We slept in, and relaxed. Isaiah made a great breakfast. This afternoon we are going to roam the resort. Not sure what we are going to do, but its nice to just go with the flow and relax. 

Tonight Isaiah's brother and wife are coming to spend the night here (we have a three bedroom apartment). It will be fun. They got married 4 months after we did and they were in our wedding. It should be a fun tonight.

Since we have been married we have realized that we have to take time to spend time together. Its necessary. In order to keep our relationship strong we have to make sure that we don't just live together, we keep our relationship growing. We try to have lunch together once a week. But lately our relationship has been put on the back burner because of how busy we have been. So it was time to spend a weekend working on it.

So that is what we are doing. I will admit that I am missing our cats. It was weird waking up and they are not walking on us. Whenever they hear us waking up they come in and starting cuddling and they were not there. I miss them.

I'm always up for ideas on how to take us time or how to build our relationship. Do you have any suggestions? What do you and your darling do to make time for each other?


  1. Have fun!! Tell Reuben & Candace I said "hi!". :)

  2. awww a little getaway sounds soo fabulous!! we also make it a point to have date night where we go out and eat at least once a week (usually wednesdays if we are both in town)!


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