Friday, November 18, 2011

Need Some Help From My Readers

Lately I've been thinking a lot about homeschooling. As many of you know, I was homeschooled until college. It was an interesting experience, and definitely shaped who I am. We were not the family that you think about as "homeschooling". We interacted with others. We had a good education that prepared us for college. We did not wear khaki jumpers (not saying that those who wear khaki jumpers are bad). I am just saying I went through homeschooling and came out the other side.

Now I am studying to be a teacher myself. It has amazed me how much of a prejudice there is against homeschoolers. I know that it is a very touchy subject for many people. But I feel like I am coming from both sides. I went through homeschooling and yet I'm studying to be a teacher.

I also have a unique perspective because I have been all the way through it. I look back and see things that worked well, and things that didn't work so well for me. I have been thinking about an idea. I wanted to get some feedback from you all on it. What do you all think about having a homeschool blogathon? I was thinking about having some moms that homeschool write, and some ex homeschoolers write and all link up. And maybe have an opportunity to take questions from people. If anyone is interested in doing this with me, or would be interested in what would be said, let me know. I am trying to feel out and see if there is any interest in the blog world.

If anyone that has a blog would be interested in reposting this and helping me feel out interest, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


  1. i tried homeschooling lauryn for first grade....lets just say it went HORRIBLE and she is now in her 2nd year of public school. i had just had spencer, and johnny was 2 and i lived at my parents, where it was always full of disruptions. lauryn also has trouble reading, and i just couldnt help her. i would get frustrated , she would get frustrated, we both cried, it wasnt pretty. i am letting her get a few grades under her belt to get comfortable with reading and spelling (shes really really good at math) and then i will try again. i dont want my kiddos to attend middle school in public school, it just scares me because middle school was awful for me, and the world has gotten sooooo much worse in the last 15 years or so since i have been. and that goes for high school too. i have NOTHING against people who have their kids in public school, i think its a personal choice that depends on the family situation. i will be putting my boys in school for at least pre k through 2nd or 3rd. i would love to say that im this awesome superstar mom with home schooling but im afraid im not a very good teacher . i hope it gets better when we try again. my younger kids will be older so it may be easier.

    im totally rambling. but thats my perspective. i think home schooling is neat, and im all for it. i ofcourse, as a christian, want to protect my kids from the world as much as possible, outside influences, etc. i dont want them learning evolution theories and all that stuff.

    good luck with the blog! love ya~ Lord bless ya~


  2. Aunt Elisabeth already has a blog where she talks a lot about homeschooling (as well as other things). You might find it interesting. :)

  3. I've homeschooled my 3 youngest, who are now 10th, 9th and 7th grades. We have loved it. Now they do 'school' once a week with a group of homeschoolers. They get theist assignments for the week and work at home on those assignments. Keeps us all accountable through high school requirements for credits. Allows me to work very part time because at this age they are working more independently. After homeschooling all their life, they are pretty self disciplined to stay on task. We homeschool because we, as parents, want to be our children's highest influence, second to God. In school. Kids are influenced by each other, people outside of their family with different beliefs and values. My kids have still learned about the 'theory' of evolution. Emphasis on theory. They have learned about homosexuality ( my brother is homosexual and lives with a partner.

  4. Oops. Sorry. Wasn't finished.
    I love God deeply, teach my kids to love him and to love others as he loves us, even ... No, especially if they are not like us or don't know the Lord, or are difficult to love.
    Anyway, we have loved homeschooling! Best choice we've made for our family. It hasn't always been easy. The teen years are tough, but they'd be sooo much tougher were they in public school. I have been able to do it because e Master Professor, my God, has been by my side every step of the way!

  5. They get *their assignments. Not theist assignments. Sorry for that typo. IPad is hard to type on.

  6. Katy, being a teacher will not be easy with your convictions, but neither is life. We are aliens. If its what God has called you to do, it's the path you must take. Know he has a plan and He equips you. You will make a difference to a child or children. There are so many children in the schools who need someone like you in their life. So go out there and shine your light! ..... Then when it's time, you'll be better prepared to homeschool your kids. So excited for you and how God will use you. Be blessed and be a blessing!
    ps. I don't know you. Just came across your blog because I saw your blog about Patrick. I know Mardy. She's been a blessing to me. Mourning with and for them. Also praying.


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