Friday, March 23, 2012

Big News

So I know that I have been totally out of contact for quite a while. I am sorry. The last few months have been completely crazy, and its just been hard to write. I wanted to write a quick note about what was going on, and I promise to fill you all in more later. So as you know, things were crazy with my health. We weren't sure what was going to happen.

I wasn't getting better, and the dr couldn't figure out why I was still saying so sick, and losing weight so fast. I went to the dr and we talked about the next steps we would take to figure out why I couldn't keep food down, and what to do about having a second surgery. We decided to go ahead with a second surgery, and she was going to send me to a GI specialist to have a scope and figure out whats wrong. At the end of the visit she came back in the room with a shocked look on her face.

She said, well your pregnant. We aren't sure why we didn't catch this with all you have happened, but you are definitely pregnant. She couldn't believe it, we couldn't believe. Its been a total rollercoaster.

After being told I may always be infertile, and getting pregnant would be very difficult, and how sick I was, this baby is a miracle. The dr said she was amazed that I didn't miscarry with all the procedures and medicine I had. We were so shocked and nervous about losing the baby.

Well I am 12 weeks now, and the baby is very healthy. Its been a very rough pregnancy, and that is why I haven't posted. We are hoping its starting to get better, and I will fill you all in more later. I've never gotten this far along with the pregnancy, and seeing the baby on the ultrasound, and hearing its heartbeat, has been amazing.

I promise to post more later, especially when I feel better.

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  1. Wow! What a miracle!!! Congratulations! God is so good! =) I'll be praying for continued health and strength throughout your pregnancy


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